A versatile carrier for small contractors

Jerr-Dan Corp's new Pioneer Series aluminum rollback carrier is an answer for small contractors that need a versatile truck. It can be used to transport various compact equipment and as a small-capacity dump truck by outfitting it with sideboards that can be inserted into optional side rail stake pockets. It can be ordered with a variety of trailer hitches, enabling the owner to tow an equipment trailer. Owners also can partition the carrier's deck to haul compact equipment along with small loads of building supplies and/or landscape materials.

The Pioneer Series carrier has a 5-ton capacity and 17½-foot bed. Because of its aluminum construction and Jerr-Dan's Steelbeam technology, the carrier is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and rugged. It also is built using Jerr-Dan's No-Lube carrier deck subframe, which virtually eliminates maintenance downtime. The carrier is part of a superior combination when installed on Class 5 trucks with 19,500-25,000-lb GVWRs. It also can be easily transferred to a new truck chassis.

For more information, contact Jerr-Dan, 1080 Hykes Rd, Greencastle PA 17225.

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