Users Choose Welding Generators on Trucks

Miller Electric Manufacturing Co enhanced its web site with the launch of a truck installation page for distributors and OEMs looking to outfit utility and service trucks with welding generators. By visiting, end users will find information to help choose the best product for their application, as well as instructions for mounting Miller's engine-driven welding generators, such as the Bobcat and Trailblazer Series.

Available in PDF and AutoCAD formats, technical drawings show exact measurements on easy-to-read schematics. Drawings point out information to be aware of when mounting the welding generators, such as the clearance necessary for minimum airflow around the unit.

A chart can help users select the unit that best fits their needs. It compares Miller's gas engine drives, the Bobcat 225, Bobcat 250, Trailblazer 275 DC, and Trailblazer 302. Users can view information for choosing a unit based on application/performance, weld performance, generator performance and additional features. Product information is also available on the new Bobcat and Trailblazer Diesel models.

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