U.S. gasoline pump price up for first time in 4 weeks

The U.S. retail price for gasoline increased for the first time in four weeks, jumping 1.5 cents a gallon over the last week to $1.116, the Energy Department reported. The pump price of regular unleaded gasoline is down 33 cents from a year ago, according to the department's weekly survey of more than 800 service stations.The national average price for cleaner-burning reformulated gasoline, sold at about one-third of the stations in cities and smoggier areas, was up 1.2 cents to $1.154 a gallon.Prices for regular gasoline on the West Coast increased 1.6 cents, making the region's motor fuel the most expensive in the nation at $1.226 a gallon.Motorists in the Gulf Coast states had the cheapest fuel, with the average price in that region down 0.2 cents to $1.044.San Francisco maintained its top spot among major cities in fuel costs, although gasoline prices were down 2 cents to $1.245 a gallon. Houston was again the best deal at the pump, but gasoline was up one penny to $1.008 a gallon.The report also showed gasoline prices in New York City down 0.7 cents at $1.155, up 4 cents in Los Angeles at $1.237, down 1.3 cents in Denver at $1.078 and up 1.7 cents in Chicago at $1.115.Separately, the nationwide price for diesel fuel remained unchanged at $1.144 a gallon, down 38 cents from a year ago.Truckers in New England paid the most for diesel fuel at $1.292 a gallon, down 0.1 cents. The Gulf Coast states had the cheapest diesel at $1.112 a gallon, up 0.2 cents.

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