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Truck-Lite Lamp Illuminates with Six Diodes

Truck-Lite Co Inc has introduced a new series of LED Super 44 stop/turn/tail lamps that produce a brighter, more robust light pattern while only using six diodes.

Super 44 lamps use SnapLED technology, developed with Truck-Lite by LumiLeds Lighting, which employs an advanced metal substrate for the circuit board. Because this substrate dissipates heat more effectively, the brighter LEDs can be “driven” to a more intense light output without risking damage to diodes. Another benefit of SnapLED technology is a process called cold clinching, which connects the discrete diodes to the metal substrate by mechanically and electrically creating a clinch joint. The clinch frame performs as a printed circuit board while creating a more reliable lighting product. Overall thickness of LED circuitry also is reduced.

Truck-Lite's new Super 44 is designed at 13.5 volts with a current draw of .03 to .3 amps. A redesigned housing measures 1.6 inches deep. The lamp is available in grommet-mount versions or an enhanced flange mount. The newly designed reinforced flange mount provides improved resistance against stress cracking from overtightening and is available in black, gray, or white. Super 44 uses the same standard mounting holes and accessories as all Truck-Lite 4" round lamps. Optional Diamond Shell hard coat models are offered, and a sure-seal plug simplifies installation or retrofitting. For more information, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

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