TRSA Truck of Year sports Supreme body

Supreme Corporation congratulates MacIntosh Linen and Uniform Services of Allentown PA for winning the 2003 Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) Truck of the Year award. MacIntosh's trucks feature Supreme's Big EZ truck body.

MacIntosh's trucks use the Big EZ's smooth white sides and wind fairing to create a traveling billboard featuring their services, phone number, and Web address. The sleek, modern design and simple, clean graphics impressed the judges and put MacIntosh at the top of the list of 19 competitors.

“The Big EZ is extremely flexible,” said Jim Rodgers, MacIntosh vice-president, “and that allowed us to pick up a lot of efficiencies. In our business, there are two main types of customers: small package customers and large bulk customers. Traditionally, we need to use two different types of trucks to service our customers. Small package customers are served by step vans, and large bulk customers are served by box trucks. The Big EZ has given us the flexibility to run both types of accounts out of one truck.”

TAGS: Truck Bodies
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