Trailer Immobilizer protects against theft

WABCO Holdings Inc introduced Trailer Immobilizer, a security innovation that significantly increases protection against trailer theft, as an additional function in the company's trailer electronic braking system (EBS). The introduction of Trailer Immobilizer continues WABCO's 11-year track record of technology leadership in EBS for trailers.

Trailer Immobilizer is an electronic system with high security that blocks the wheels of a parked trailer to help prevent theft or unauthorized use. It safeguards against manipulation and also increases security and safety when the trailer is parked on a slope. The truck driver activates Trailer Immobilizer by entering a PIN code via SmartBoard, an easy-to-use control box that graphically displays the trailer's critical real-time operating information in a choice of 15 different languages.

Trailer Immobilizer is integrated with the vehicle's electronic braking system. It is featured on the E1.5 version of the company's Trailer EBS E generation, marking the latest innovation in WABCO's Trailer EBS series launched in 1998.

Trailer EBS Version E1.5 continues to feature previously released roll stability support (RSS) and an operating data recorder that registers the trailer's technical data much like an airplane's black box, as well as optional functions such as OptiLoad OptiTurn Tilt Alert, and Bounce Control.

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