Tire inflation system for Europe

ArvinMeritor announces the full production release of its new ROR trailer tire inflation system, (RTIS). Following its initial launch in the USA, ArvinMeritor has been developing a European version, in response to requests from both fleet operators and trailer builders. RTIS has already been adopted by a number of European trailer builders who will offer it as a factory-fitted option on their trailers.

This new European version has been developed from the proven USA design that has been fitted to over 100,000 trailers. Operator experience in the USA has shown that tire cost savings can approach 40%, providing a rapid payback of the initial cost. The European super single tire will likewise benefit, since tire manufacturers say that tire life is reduced by 2% for every one percent it runs under-inflated.

ArvinMeritor tests show that 3% to 4% fuel improvements can be achieved on a 38-tonne (84,000-lb) GVW rig with the system fitted. The fully patented system uses surplus pressure from the trailer air tank. Air is fed to a control box where its pressure is doubled through a booster pump and then regulated back to the required tire pressure. It is then fed into the axle tube and routed to hub-mounted rotary unions. Tire pressures are maintained automatically at optimum specified pressure.

In the event of a puncture, the system will support a continuous air demand in order to maintain tire pressure. The system acts as a safety aid, usually keeping tire pressure inflated sufficiently to enable the trailer to return to a depot. ArvinMeritor Inc, 2135 West Maple Road, Troy MI 48084

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