Thomas Rolls Out Rental Program for MyBus Product

Thomas Built Buses MyBus dealers now offer a program in which MyBus vehicles with a 14-passenger configuration are available for short- and long-term rental.

The rental program, created by Thomas Built Buses and Daimler Truck Financial, includes complete physical damage and liability insurance. The first of its kind in the industry, the MyBus rental program allows organizations to safely transport passengers when they have an immediate need.

“Reliable, everyday transportation is essential to businesses such as childcare centers, church groups and service organizations, and that need doesn’t stop while buses are being serviced,” said Ken Hedgecock, vice president of sales, marketing and service for Thomas Built Buses. “The MyBus rental program allows our dealers to assist the industry with safe, simple and reliable transportation as customer needs evolve.”

The MyBus by Thomas Built Buses is a Multi-Function School Activity Bus (MFSAB). MFSABs meets the same Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standardsas school buses, except they are not required to have stop-arms or traffic-control lights and, in most states, are not required to be yellow. Year after year, studies show that school buses, including MFSABs, are the safest form of surface transportation.

Introduced in 2009, Thomas’ MyBus was designed to be safe, easy to maintain and durable enough to withstand the daily rigors of transporting children and adults. Its full-height (73” interior headroom), outward-opening entrance door and wide aisle allow easy access. The all-steel safety cage body construction and two roof crash rails offer added passenger and rollover protection, and the interior features automotive style gauges and driver controls.

Thomas Built Buses manufactures three MyBus models: the up-to 14-passenger SRW, the up-to 20-passenger DRW 041, and the up-to 30-passenger DRW 051. The SRW, which features a 4.8 liter, V8 gas engine, and the DRW with a 14-passenger configuration do not require a commercial driver’s license in many states and are the only models available through the rental program.

MyBus daily, weekly and monthly rental rates and mileage allowances vary by dealer. Please call 888-635-8526 or visit

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