Thermo King Introduces Spectrum SB Multi-Temperature System

Thermo King has unveiled the SPECTRUM SB Multi-Temperature System with SmartReefer2 (SR-2) controller for trailers.

The SPECTRUM SB Multi-Temperature system incorporates the latest technology and innovation into the industry's most advanced temperature control systems. Featuring the SR-2 controller with enlarged display screen, customers can easily view cargo temperature and system set point value; all temperature zones are viewed simultaneously, which allows for quick unit checks in the yard. Clear text messages, along with codes, are viewable, and customers have the option to choose between 22 language settings.

The SPECTRUM SB Multi-Temperature trailer unit achieves temperature balance in up to three different zones with various configuration possibilities. Remote evaporators make each temperature zone act like an individual trailer. Designed with high airflow and large capacity, the SPECTRUM S-3 Remote Evaporator is the perfect complement to the SPECTRUM host units. Thermo King's Smart Set, which offers precise temperature control, is one of the latest advancements of the SPECTRUM SB. Reduced fuel consumption is realized at all operating ranges. Cool, moist air circulates throughout the entire cargo area, thereby keeping product dehydration to a minimum and allowing produce to be delivered in the freshest state.

EMI-3000, Extended Maintenance Interval, includes a special 12,000-hour coolant and high grade mineral oil to significantly extend service life. In addition, maintenance costs are reduced by up to 45 percent over competitive models, engine life is extended, environmental impact is reduced due to less spillage and waste, and clean up and disposal costs are reduced.

Optional rear remote control and electronic door switches are available. The hybrid model 50 units offer electric-to-diesel-switching as standard. All SPECTRUM SB Multi-Temperature models come standard with Whisper quiet technology and feature bio-diesel compatible engines.

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