Take 50 Seconds: Poll No. 2

Take 50 Seconds: Poll No. 2

Truck equipment distribution has changed radically over the past 50 years. Who do you think is most responsible for those changes?

The person you choose should have had a major impact on the way commercial trucks are put together—from the chassis manufacturer to the truck dealer and/or the ultimate user of the vehicle—and all steps in between. The choice is yours—but focus this month on truck equipment distribution.

This is the second in a series of polling questions that we will ask during the year of our 50th anniversary year. The poll can be found on our special Trailer/Body Builders 50th anniversary page. There you can give us your thoughts—and see who has been nominated so far. To cast your vote, click here.

While visiting trailer-bodybuilders.com, be sure to click the 50th anniversary graphic on our home page in order to visit the special section we will be developing throughout the year. Use that page to vote for future “most influential” individuals for other segments of our industry and to view pictures and stories that we will be accumulating in the coming months as we complete our 50th year of serving you.

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