Survey: Staffing, customer service top list of challenges expansion-minded firms face

New results in the 2006 annual customer survey of Signature Worldwide finds the biggest challenges facing companies trying to expand their business are staffing (finding and retaining good employees) and improving or maintaining current levels of customer service.

Other challenges cited include staying ahead of the competition and reaching new business segments. More than 2,000 Signature customers worldwide responded to a Web-based survey hosted by MQA Research, a research company based in Worthington OH.

According to the University of Michigan's American Customer Satisfaction Index, customer service nationwide is at a two-year low, and companies are expected to spend $36.5 billion on customer-management tools and services in 2006.

Companies in Signature's core industries of trucking, equipment, hospitality, multifamily housing, and financial services purchase customer-management training programs from Signature to aid in teaching sales and customer service skills.

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