Survey Details Pay Rates in Manufacturing

According to the Compensation in Manufacturing, 21st Annual Survey, the composite highest-income practitioner reported in this field is the president “B” of a manufacturing firm (defined as a chief executive officer who has little or no financial interest in the firm). While the median president “B” has a total annual income of $181,500, the highest-income individuals reported in this group make more than $2 million.

This firm manufactures chemical and allied products, food/beverage/tobacco products, primary metals products, or heating/air conditioning/refrigeration products, or is a publishing firm; has anywhere from 250-499 to 10,000-24,999 employees; and has a total annual revenue of $50 million or more. It is headquartered in or near Los Angeles/Long Beach, Chicago, Houston, Cleveland, Dallas/Ft Worth, Dayton, New York City, or Boston, or outside the metropolitan areas studied in Pennsylvania, Texas, or Georgia.

At the other end of the income spectrum, production laborers have a median income of $24,800. Earning as low as $13,440, the lowest-paid employees in this group usually are employed by firms that manufacture apparel/textile products, furniture/wood products, machinery/heavy equipment, food/beverage/tobacco products, or aerospace/aircraft products; have under $10 million in total annual revenue; and have fewer than 100 employees. Firms are headquartered in or near New Orleans, Minneapolis/St Paul, Orlando, Portland (OR), or San Antonio, or outside the metropolitan areas studied in Illinois, Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, or South Carolina.

These composites are from survey data provided on current salaries and cash bonuses and/or profit sharing, and demographic variables provided by 342 firms on more than 47,000 managerial, supervisory, sales, engineering, technical, clerical, and blue-collar employees in 188 benchmark jobs.

Copies of the 747-page survey are available for $995 from Abbott, Langer and Associates, Dept NR, 548 First St, Crete IL 60417; phone 708-672-4200; fax 708-672-4674; or access the web site at

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