Suppliers question manufacturers’ products, SEMA survey says

Nearly 39 percent of the top 150 Tier suppliers to vehicle OEMs cited quality as a challenge of doing business with SEMA manufacturers, according to a SEMA Survey. In other responses to a multiple-response question, 33.3 percent indicated there is a lack of precision production capability, 27.8 percent are concerned about the lack of product testing and 22.2 percent are hindered by a lack of compliance with SAE and other standards.The study targeted 150 of the largest Tier-1 suppliers. The percentage of responses that centered around “quality” emphasizes the degree to which Tier-1 suppliers are driven by the OEMs to provide the highest quality products. The perception of the top suppliers is that the products produced by SEMA industry manufacturers are not up to the necessary standards. Tier-1 supplier requirements further substantiate the two major challenges to partnering with aftermarket manufacturers. Fifty percent of these suppliers require ISO or other quality certifications, and another 38.9 percent require product regulatory compliance. Half of the responding companies voiced concern over manufacturers maintaining a certain level of production capability. To view the study, go to

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