Super Quad Trailer Complies with Guidelines

Titan Trailers Inc has designed and manufactured the 53-foot Super Quad Thinwall live-floor trailer. Designed to run on Ontario and Quebec roads, it has a truck and trailer gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 131,000 pounds. It is equipped with four air-ride equalizing axles, including one that is steerable.

This trailer was developed to comply with guidelines set out by both the Ontario and Quebec Ministries of Transportation. The first units were manufactured and put into service in northern Ontario in 2000 to haul wood chips, hog fuel, and other forestry-related products.

This trailer is suited for these types of products due to both increased volume and GVW. This trailer accommodates 24,000 pounds more GVW than 53-ft Tridems, says Titan.

This trailer is constructed of aluminum and fully welded, virtually eliminating rivet or bolt fasteners. It is also smooth-sided for maximum fuel efficiency. For more information, contact Titan, R R #3, Delhi, Ontario, Canada N4B 2W6.

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