Strong Hand by Valtra issues first product catalog

Strong Hand by Valtra Inc has published its first product catalog. The 16-page catalog has a selection of multi-function clamps and magnets for the welder, metalworker, and fabricator. The catalog includes:

  • Utility clamp, sliding arm clamps with a removable/ reversible clamp arm and a threaded bottom jaw hole.

  • Adjust-O magnet squares with an on/off switch for safety and ease of use.

  • Three-axis fixture vise, a welders angle clamp with a third arm for three-axis welds in one setup.

Many of the clamps accept unique, interchangeable accessories that allow the clamps to adapt to a specific application. A special fold-out page at the back of the catalog lists the full selection of these special accessories.

To receive a copy of the catalog and a list of authorized distributors, contact Strong Hand by Valtra, Pico Rivera CA.

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