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Sterling site helps spec trucks for municipalities

Sterling Truck has launched a web site to assist municipalities in selecting truck specs for their specific applications. Located at, the new “Municipal HQ by Sterling Trucks” now gives city, county, and state agencies an online tool and how-to guide for developing specs.

Popular specs for medium- and heavy-duty dump, refuse, and snowplow trucks are featured on the site, as well as Sterling's Bid Spec Builder, an interactive tool for building and spec'ing customized trucks for these applications. By downloading the Bid Spec Builder for medium-, heavy-, or severe-duty trucks, fleet managers can use pull-down menus to choose their requirements for everything from engine equipment to fuel tanks.

Fleet managers can also save and update the bid specs they use every year by downloading the Spec Optimizer tool. With options and advances such as maintenance and safety features, the Spec Optimizer allows fleet managers to re-evaluate basic specs for updates that can help save time and money.

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