Squeezing more load length in telescoping low loader

AN INNOVATION by Nooteboom allows a 46 cm (18") longer loadbed without increasing the length of the semitrailer. The Flex-Neck concept allows loading right up to the gooseneck. The adjustable gooseneck raises and lowers the loadbed without touching the load. With a 16.5 meter (54-ft) overall combination length, the Nooteboom Flex-Neck low loader has a net load floor length of 7.1 m (23.3 ft). It telescopes out by triple extension to a load length of 17 m (55.8 ft). This design is useful especially for the transport of crane-loaded freight, such as vessels, crates, and boats. This new concept incorporates many of the existing components of the Nooteboom hydraulically detachable gooseneck. Royal Nooteboom Trailers BV, P O Box 155, 6600 AD Wijchen, the Netherlands.

TAGS: Trailers
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