Sportsmobile Sprinter set for off-roading

Sportsmobile West's new four-wheel drive system for the Dodge Sprinter Chassis, the “go anywhere” Sportsmobile Sprinter, features a fully customized interior for off-road camping enthusiasts.

An alliance has been formed between Sportsmobile West and Oberaigner Gmbh Fahrzeungtechnik, an Austrian 4WD component developer and manufacturer of the 4WD systems installed by Daimler-Chrysler in the Mercedes Sprinter chassis built in the Düsseldorf, Germany factory. Sportsmobile West will be exclusive supplier, service, installation, and warranty company in the United States for the Oberaigner system.

The 4WD system will permit better traction in foul weather and off-highway use. This system includes a new transfer case for shifting power to the front wheels, a stock rear-wheel-drive system, front axle assembly and steering system, new drive shafts, and a rear axle kit. Options will include an all-wheel drive permanent system and a 4WD two-speed system.

Access for more information.

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