Sloan's HDX compliance benefits distributors

Sloan Transportation Products is fully compliant with basic parts purchasing EDI (electronic data interchange) document exchange standards developed by HDeXchange (HDX). As a result, any distributor that is an HDX user can order products and receive invoices electronically with Sloan.

“Being HDX-compliant means bottom-line savings to distributors when they place orders and receive invoices from us,” said Terry Nyboer, Sloan's customer service manager. “By using HDX, we have experienced reduced administrative time and a significant decrease in order errors. Additionally, customers who can process electronic invoices are realizing significant time savings through HDX.”

Developed in 2000, HDX is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to implementing e-commerce systems for the entire heavy-duty distribution chain.

Sloan is a QS-9000 certified company that provides air and electrical components. Earlier this year, the company announced more than 600 new part numbers designed to broaden its parts coverage in the heavy-duty aftermarket.

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