Shell unveils new heavy-duty grease

Shell Lubricants announced its U.S. rollout of Retinax LX, a family of lithium complex greases made from a combination of performance additives. The product was developed primarily for the lubrication of high-temperature applications, such as wheel bearings in heavy-duty truck applications.

The company noted Retinax LX is replacing Retinax LC to better align with the global grease brands it offers. Retinax LX is formulated to provide improved EP/load carrying ability, oxidation stability, rust protection and adherence to metal surfaces and resistance to water wash-off. It is particularly effective in wheel bearings subjected to high temperatures and load caused by braking from high speed, according to Dan Arcy, technical marketing manager for Shell. Its distinct red color makes it easy to identify in field applications.

“The performance capabilities of Retinax LX include outstanding temperature ranges to handle ball and rolling element bearings operating at temperatures between -15 o C and +150 o C,” he noted. “This new product line also features increased fretting protection that can help overcome problems suffered by bearings subjected to conditions of excessive vibration.”

Arcy said Retinax LX is aimed for specific components within trucking applications such as wheel bearings, axles, ball joints, PTO’s, king pins, bushings, and disc brakes, as well as other high temperature areas.

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