SEMA schedules tech certification test

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) will hold its fall test session November 13 in locations around the nation. Registration for the test closes September 12.

The SEMA program to certify technicians who install accessories on cars and trucks includes four modules: Z1/Electric Sunroofs, Z2/Body Exterior Components, Z3/Leather Interiors, and Z4/Roof Treatments.

To receive the SEMA credentials, installers must also pass the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) A6 exam on electrical/electronic systems. The ASE tests are also scheduled for early November.

Technicians who pass both the SEMA and ASE exams and who meet the work experience requirements will receive credentials from both SEMA and ASE. The certifications are valid for five years.

The objectives of the SEMA Professional Installer Certification Program include enhancing the specialty automotive industry’s image and instilling consumer confidence; ensuring that consumers and new-vehicle dealers have a means of defining an installer’s competency and skill levels; and, providing a reliable way to measure a company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

SEMA held its first test session in November 2001 and subsequent sessions in May 2002, November 2002, and May 2003.

To request a Fall 2003 SEMA Registration Booklet & Test Preparation Guide, including details on registration and test fees, contact Beverly Rosen, [email protected], (909) 396-0289, extension 158.

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