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Schneider Logistics expands into Asia

Schneider Logistics, Inc., today announced it has opened a new office in Shanghai, China. The office will leverage Schneider Logistics' core competency in all aspects of supply chain management and initially provide general consulting services.

The expansion provides Schneider Logistics with the platform to deliver end-to-end international freight management across North America, Europe and Asia.

"As China's regulatory environment continues to evolve and the volume of global and domestic trade increases, it is imperative that logistics providers directly link to China," said Tom Escott, president of Schneider Logistics. "With the addition of the new location in China we are able to connect clients to every corner of the world and provide logistics expertise across every facet of the global supply chain, from manufacturer to retail outlet."

This comes on the heels of Schneider Logistics' acquisition of American Port Services, a leading U.S.-based provider of port facilities and transportation.

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