SAF-Holland makes Black Armour standard

SAF-Holland has announced that its proprietary Black Armour corrosion and rust prevention treatment will be offered as a standard feature on SAF CBX air suspension axle systems, Holland Ultralite mechanical suspensions, and Holland landing gear.

Black Armour provides fleets with a cost-effective protection alternative in the fight against rust and corrosion caused by anti-icing agents, salts, and chemicals. An environmentally sustainable protective metal treatment, Black Armour has been proven in lab testing to be superior to ordinary paints and coatings in protecting metal. Additionally and unlike hot dipped galvanize-like coatings, Black Armour provides protection at a lower weight and cost.

A waterborne, zinc-free coating with 72% fewer solvents than traditional coatings, it also emits fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and has a smaller carbon footprint.

Visit for further details.

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