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Ridewell Suspension Helps Cut Tire Wear

Ridewell Suspensions presents its new RAR-240-LKS steerable trailer air suspension for heavy-duty applications. The 25,000-lb-capacity system is for dual or super-single tires and is available unitized with fully dressed leading kingpin axle. It is designed to reduce tire wear, offering up to a 20 wheel cut. The RAR-240-LKS features positive axle lock in reverse, heavy-duty shock absorbers, and an optional lift kit. At 14" mounting height, axle travel is 5" up and 4.6" down; other mounting heights are available. Axle alignment is manually adjustable with the Ridewell eccentric bolt.

For further information, contact Ridewell, PO Box 4586, Springfield MO 65808.

Enhancements Boost Signal-Stat Durability Several engineering enhancements, including use of heavy-duty Wagner "Fat Cartridge" light bulbs and a new bulb cradle system, have improved durability of new Signal-Stat 4070 Series sealed oval signal and back-up lamps from Federal-Mogul Corp.

Fat Cartridge bulbs are inherently more resistant to the severe vibration and shock load encountered by most heavy-duty vehicles. The bulb contains a minimum number of internal components and potential failure points. Its welded wire connections reduce voltage drop and increase component durability. New Signal-Stat 4070 lamps also feature a silicone shock/mount bulb cradle system that offers better shock/vibration dampening and temperature resistance.

The new Signal-Stat design is available in these models: - 4070 - red, double contact.

- 4070A - amber, double contact.

- 4071W - clear, single contact (back-up lamp).

- 4072 - red, double contact, with grommet and plug.

For more information, contact Signal-Stat Product Marketing-E3, Federal-Mogul Corp, 26555 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield MI 48034.

Pallet Pro Folds Away, Totes Sizable Loads Interlift's new ILP Pallet Pro is a large, durable, level-riding, folding liftgate that easily and safely handles 2,200 and 3,300-lb load capacities. The ILP Pallet Pro delivers these features and benefits:

- A large, level-riding 48" x 80" wedge-design folding platform that handles palletized or carted freight. It can also be installed on truck bed heights as low as 38".

- A double torsion system that offers a light, easy-folding platform. The wide lift arm also provides added stability and accepts a fixed hitch.

- A built-in safety system consisting of dual-cylinder stability, truck cab shut-off switch and hydraulic cylinder locks. The locks provide more lift stability and better user control.

- A thermo-protected power pack that decreases maintenance costs while increasing the life span of the lift's components. It is fully enclosed in an accessible steel box.

For full details, contact Interlift, 8433 S Chetle Ave, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670.

Bendix Will Fleet-Test New Air Disc Brake Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems will begin fleet-testing its North American air disc brake, the Bendix ADB 225, in first-quarter 2001. Performance testing has shown its stopping distance meets requirements under consideration by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The ADB 225, for 22.5-inch-wheel-diameters, features a mono block caliper design that makes the brake more compact and able to fit North American truck wheel-end envelopes. This design provides weight savings, and its high overload capacity eliminates the need for anti-compounding. The ADB 225 features improved sealing over previous disc brakes.

Other features include internal automatic brake adjustment, integrated pad and rotor wear sensing diagnostics, and optimized friction couple.

The ADB 225 also provides a 30% to 35% shorter stopping distance than regulations require, fade resistance, reduced wheel pull, and a passenger-car feel.

Production is slated for 2003. Bendix also plans to release the design for a 19.5-inch air disc brake in 2001 for smaller wheel diameters, trailers, and medium-duty vehicles.

Speedglas Provides Supplied-Air Respirator The Speedglas Supplied-Air Purification & Regulation Panel (SA PRP 200-B) is a four-stage air filtration panel designed for welders requiring supplied-air respiratory protection.

The PRP 200-B connects to standard "shop" compressed air systems that are free of carbon monoxide and are not oxygen-deficient. With a 110-psig compressed air supply, the PRP 200-B will provide four welders with 25 scfm each of breathable air.

The purification panel removes oils, particulates, and odors from the air supply, providing filtered air that meets or exceeds OSHA, CSA, and ISO standards. The system also has a carbon monoxide monitor and 90-decibel alarm to warn users of unacceptable carbon monoxide (CO) levels in the compressed air inlet. The PRP 200-B panel is used with Speedglas Fresh-air II SA 9000 helmet assemblies and auto-darkening lenses. Three belt-mounted valves are available to welders for adjustment of airflow levels or temperature of the supplied air. For full details, contact Hornell Speedglas Inc, 2374 Edison Blvd, Twinsburg OH 44087.

Thermo King Passes Inspection by US Marines Thermo King Corp has secured a government contract for the supply of 585 refrigeration units to the United States Marine Corps through the US Army Materials Acquisition Center in Natick MA.

In 1998, the US Marine Corps asked Thermo King to bid on a project to retrofit existing 10-foot mobile and multipurpose stackable refrigeration containers. These containers are used worldwide for storage of food, pharmaceuticals, and other medical supplies.

To win the contract, Thermo King first had to see if it had a unit that came close to the initial capacity specification. Thermo King engineers conducted tests on a container to measure box temperature loss (air leakage) and unit capacity needed to maintain designated temperature levels.

After the Marines were satisfied that Thermo King's unit could do the job, an official request for proposal was issued. Thermo King was awarded the job in September 1999 and was given a 90-day time period to deliver the first 100 units. After initial delivery, 100 units per month were to be delivered until the entire order was complete.

Specifications also called for a training program and support material to accompany each unit. Thermo King developed literature specifically for the retrofitted VM405 and conducted a two-day training session at corporate headquarters in Minneapolis MN, and supervised military training sessions at various military bases.

The final shipment of VM405s took place in June 2000.

Scotchman Adds 70-ton Dual-Cylinder Ironworker Scotchman Industries has added a 70-ton dual-cylinder, dual-operator ironworker to its line of hydraulic ironworker models ranging from 40- to 120-ton capacity. The new Model DO 70/110, with four work stations, has a 70-ton punch; a 110-ton, 24-inch flat bar shear; and jog control. Oversize jig tables at the punch, flat bar shear, and notcher stations are standard features.

Two operators can use multiple stations at full capacity. A punching application may be one of the two stations, but is not required. For more information, contact Scotchman Industries, PO Box 850, Philip SD 57567.

M H Eby Builds Bulk Commodity Trailer with Live Floor M H Eby Inc is now manufacturing an aluminum bulk commodity trailer that includes an extruded aluminum moving floor. The design features reduced tare weights of 12,000 to 12,500 pounds due to extensive use of aluminum. Available with single or double corrugated side walls in 90", 96", or 102" side heights, the trailer is offered in lengths from 45' to 50' and in both 96" and 102" widths. Standard specifications include:

- Single .063"-thick (or double .050"-thick) aluminum wall sheets in pre-painted white or black with side posts on 14 11/42" centers.

- Aluminum J-beam crossmembers with aluminum bogie and fixed two-leaf, two-stage spring suspension (standard). Options include air-ride slider and air-ride spread suspensions.

- Stainless steel rear frame with cathedral header and double-lock-rod doors.

- Extruded aluminum moving floor, available with cord or cordless remote control, and aluminum subfloor.

- Shur-Lock roll up tarp; available with optional stainless steel arched bows for foodgrade products.

- Stainless steel landing gear supports.

- Front catwalk and ladder.

An optional permanent or removable rear hopper can be built in for feed ingredients, food products, and similar cargo. For more details, contact Eby, 1194 Main St, PO Box 127, Blue Ball PA 17506.

Cor Tec Panels Help Renegade Win Pro Cup Sponsorship Cor Tec, a Crane Co company, and Renegade/Kibbi Inc have combined to win Renegade the year 2000 sponsorship of the American Speed Association and United Speed Alliance Racing Hooters Pro Cup Series. The Hooters Pro Cup is a stock car racing series that competes with Bush Grand National-style cars.

Renegade's ToterHome, a tow vehicle and motorhome in one, and the Renegade motorhome with garage are built to stand up to the racing circuit without sacrificing luxury and comfort.

Both units are built with 5/8"-thick punctureproof Cor Tec Clad Tuff fiberglass reinforced panels (FRP). Clad Tuff fiberglass-reinforced plywood panels consist of a plywood core reinforced with resin infused fiberglass. Exterior finish options include a Tedler film or a polyester gel coat. Smooth and seamless, Clad Tuff FRP provides superior adhesion for decals and graphics.

Renegade cuts the Clad Tuff panels to custom fit, sealing the edges to provide extra weather protection.

Standard luxury amenities include plush leather seating, custom oak cabinets, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Cincinnati Inc Offers Automatic Load/Unload Cincinnati Inc has introduced an automatic load and unload system to complement the CL-707 laser cutting system. The CL-707 system incorporates linear motor drive, motion control systems, electronics, beam delivery, fiber optics communications and software technology, performance, and accuracy. This machine outperforms punch presses and conventional lasers when cutting a range of materials and thicknesses, says the company.

A diffusion-cooled resonator with superior beam quality maximizes cutting speed, so accurate parts are processed quickly. Its exceptional stiffness, lightweight gantry, and motion control system are designed for optimum productivity. The Windows operating system, Digital Signal Processor motion controller, fiber optic bus, parameter library, and dual pallet design are integrated for part processing.

Dual pallet cutting tables permit continuous laser processing. Machine run time can be optimized when part unloading and raw material loading are performed simultaneously with cutting.

For further information, contact Cincinnati Inc, Box 11111, Cincinnati OH 45211.

Saktronik D System Cuts 12"-Thick Material The Saktronik D cutting system from Advanced Kiffer Systems Inc (AKS) uses a double-gantry beam for rigidity and digital drives with AC brushless servomotors for precision. The Satronik D can be equipped with up to eight torches, and is suitable for heavy-duty plasma and oxy-fuel cutting - maximum 12" (300 mm) thick. The maximum working width is 20 feet (6.0 meters) with the working length practically unlimited.

Special versions - Satronik HD and EHD - can be equipped to meet almost any requirement, including working widths of more than 55 feet (17 meters) and cutting 60"- (1,500-mm)- thick material. Options include continuous rotating beveling heads for both plasma and oxy-fuel.

For more information, contact AKS, 15666 Snow Rd, Cleveland OH 44142-2351.

Pulltarps Adds Aluminum Tarping Systems Pulltarps Mfg has introduced a line of Pulltarp systems made of aluminum. Two categories of five new products are available: semiautomatic systems and aluminum electric systems. Ground operation of semiautomatic systems is as easy as pulling the tarp over the load with a rope and securing the rope to the tailgate. To uncover, release the rope from the tailgate; spring tension automatically recoils and retracts the tarp. The operator never needs to climb up onto the truck.

Aluminum electric arm systems automatically tarp or untarp a load with the flip of a switch. Spring-activated arms and a gear-driven motor work in unison to provide smooth operation. The spring design is completely enclosed to protect springs from water, dirt, and dust. The "indexable spring mounts" simplify adjustment of arm tension. Accidentally bent arm tubes can be replaced with locally available aluminum tubing without needing to replace the spring housing.

Pulltarps has developed a new aluminum "inside the bin" rear transfer electric arm system for applications where the outside box dimensions are critical and fixed. The spring housing design allows the pivot for the arms to be attached inside the bin, yet safe from load damage.

For additional information, contact Pulltarps, 1404 N Marshall Ave, El Cajon CA 92020.

Hercules Long-Mileage Tread for Drive Tires Hercules Tire Retreading Systems has unveiled a new long-mileage tread for drive tires. This pre-cured tread is designed for regional and pick-up-and-delivery use, with some application for light linehaul or off-the-road use. It is available in two different widths: 8" and 8 51/48".

Featuring 26/32" tread depth, this deep-lugged tread provides aggressive pulling traction while enhancing tread life. The deep-lugged tread and deep siping allow greater additional wet traction. The semi-solid shoulder resists irregular wear, and scrub-resistant compounding helps extend retread tire life in P&D situations. For more details, contact Hercules Tire & Rubber Co, 1300 Morrical Blvd, Findlay OH 45840.

QuickFlush Static Mixer Conserves Material Mattson Spray Equipment's QuickFlush static mixer can apply urethanes, epoxies, clear coats, and primers. This gun-mounted component of the AutoPilot proportioning system combines two-component sprayable materials just before entering the spray gun. The design keeps the volume of mixed material to a minimum, virtually eliminating wasted premixed material. The QuickFlush not only conserves material, but also reduces the amount of flush solvent required to keep the unit clean and operating at peak performance. A complete 3-ounce flush is achievable in less than five seconds. For full details, contact Mattson, 230 W Coleman St, PO Box 331, Rice Lake WI 54868-0331.

New Cat Engine Will Cut Emissions Levels Available in first-quarter 2001, Caterpillar's 3126B "Clean Diesel Power" engine will reduce NOx + NMHC emissions by 13% over a typical engine; in July 2001, NOx + NMHC emissions will be reduced further by up to 22% versus other engines.

Ratings will be available from 175 to 330 horsepower. In addition, three ratings (207, 216, and 230 hp) will be certified to meet the stricter Low Emissions Vehicle (LEV) standards (3.8 grams/hp-hour NOx + NMHC and 0.10 g/hp-hr particulates) required for use in designated nonattainment areas, utilizing the Clean Fleet Fuel Vehicle program. All ratings are certified for 49-state US Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board application, and will be sold in Canada.

The 3126B Clean Diesel Power engine will operate on conventional diesel blends, or ultra-clean and low-sulfur fuels.

Design of the engine itself will be familiar to maintenance technicians, since the 3126B Clean Diesel Power engine uses the same internal iron as the standard 3126B.

Huck-Spin Fasteners Provide High Clamp Huck-Spin fasteners from Huck International provide high clamp for frame fastening. Huck-Spin fasteners resist vibration and provide clamp that offers superior dependability. Unlike threaded fasteners, which may require periodic retorque, these fasteners provide consistent and permanent installation.

Most workers can be trained in less than 10 minutes to install Huck fasteners. These fasteners can be installed quickly and quietly, with only a visual inspection required. For additional information, contact Huck, PO Box 8117, Waco TX 76714-8117.

Abex Stop Box Kits Contain New Parts Federal-Mogul's Abex line of friction materials and brake blocks now includes stop box kits featuring new - rather than relined - brake shoes and other replacement components for a range of Eaton, Meritor, and Fruehauf axles.

Abex stop box kits contain only new parts: OE-replacement lined shoes, FMVSS 121-certified Abex linings, OE-certified backing plates, and heavy-duty hardware. Each kit for 20,000-lb axle applications features the OE-approved EN 6008-1 FF lining formulated for on-highway use. Kits for 23,000-lb axles include the Abex Supreme brake block, which features an EX 685 FF lining.

Kits also contain hardware engineered for severe-service applications. For full information, contact Federal-Mogul, PO Box 1966, Detroit MI 48235.

FleetThane Urethane Dries Hard Overnight DuPont Nason has introduced FleetThane acrylic urethane for commercial shops that want a hard-working, single-stage fleet finish. FleetThane, from the Ful-Base Multi-Leg color system, provides acrylic urethane appearance, protection, and durability for trucks and commercial vehicles. It is VOC-compliant at 3.5 pounds/gallon.

With 483-54 Accelerator, the new acrylic urethane has superior overspray melt-in for large jobs, and dries tack-free in two to four hours. Hard dry is overnight. It can be force-dried in 20 to 30 minutes at 120 to 140 F after a flash time of 15 minutes. For additional information, contact DuPont Automotive, Barley Mill Plaza, P21-2156, Wilmington DE 19880-0021.

Spool Gun Boosts Options for MIG Units For lighter-duty aluminum fabrication, Miller Electric Mfg Co has introduced the Spoolmate 250 wire feed spool gun for use with any MIG welding power source or welding generator with CV capabilities. This gun offers increased amperage capabilities and duty cycle, and it can accommodate a larger wire diameter than the Spoolmate 185.

Rated at 200 amps and 60% duty cycle, the Spoolmate 250 runs aluminum, steel, and stainless steel wires from .030 through .047 inches and has a wire feed range of 130 to 840 inches per minute. Capabilities are enhanced by a spool gun adapter (SGA). The SGA lets users connect the Spoolmate 250 to CV power sources such as the Millermatic Vintage, Miller's Bobcat 225 NT, and the Hobart IronMan 250. The Spoolmate 250's 20-ft cable extends the reach on larger projects, eliminating the need to reposition the power source.

The Spoolmate 250 accommodates a 4-inch-diameter spool of wire mounted on the back end of the gun. The drive roll feeds the wire about 8 inches, rather than forcing it through 8 to 15 feet of gun cable, eliminating the potential for kinking. Dedicating the Spoolmate 250 to aluminum wire also eliminates the potential for contaminating it with steel particles. For more details, contact Miller, PO Box 100, Lithonia GA 30058.

Supervac 2000 to Develop New T300 Extended Cab A Kenworth Truck Co dealer has entrusted Supervac 2000 to develop and build a new T300 extended cab, which is the only Kenworth truck with a 36" bed. The truck has been ergonomically designed with a low floor and matching interior.

Supervac 2000 is located near the T-300 plant in Montreal, Canada. The company also has in research and development a new four-door crew cab for firefighters, as well as a multipurpose utility truck. This truck can be adapted to the customer requests and built as a series.

Transmission Offerings Change at Peterbilt Peterbilt has made several changes in its transmission offerings to advance the durability and performance of its product lineup further. Eaton Fuller's new FR Series 10-speed transmissions will replace the RT Series 10-speeds on Peterbilt trucks. In addition, the new Eaton Fuller AutoShift Generation 119 Series transmissions are now available.

Eaton Fuller 11-speed RTO16909ALL transmissions also are now available on all Peterbilt on-off highway vocational units.

November Article Correction In the Trailer/Body Builders November 2000 issue, it was incorrectly stated on page 60 that the Mitsubishi 4D34 engine does not have a harmonic balancer designed system. It is the Mitsubishi 4M50 engine that does not have the lower harmonic balancer hub. The 4M50 is a four-valve, twin overhead cam engine. The 4D34 is the overhead-valve, cam-in-block unit.

Subsequent to the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) Truck Product Conference, Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks announces that Bracketry Systems Inc, Fort Worth TX, has introduced both single and dual refrigeration-compressor kits designed for the 4M50 engine.

Benson Spec's Stemco Benson International, a manufacturer of aluminum platform trailers, steel, and aluminum dump trailers and bodies, has decided to standardize two of Longview TX-based Stemco's products: the Discover Seal and Pro-Torq advanced axle spindle nut.

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