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Ridewell opens Canadian FOB warehouse

Ridewell Corporation has opened a Canadian FOB (freight on board) warehouse in Hamilton, Ontario for complete suspensions, service kits, and replacement parts.

Supporting trailer OEMs in Canada, the warehouse will inventory complete suspensions to reduce freight costs and eliminate the paperwork associated with importing. With proper planning between Ridewell and the OEM, lead time is significantly reduced. Service kits and most replacement parts will be available for emergency supply to Ridewell aftermarket distributors. Most major components will be available with quick turnaround time for unit-down events and warranty situations.

The warehouse is expected to begin delivering product out of Hamilton by late August 2010.

Key benefits to customers in Canada:

  • Notably reduced freight costs
  • No paperwork associated with importing
  • Significantly reduced lead times
  • Just-in-time programs
  • Immediate delivery on most parts for unexpected accidents and repair events

For more information, visit

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