Ride-Rite spring kits made for Ford vehicles

Firestone Industrial Products Company LLC introduces its Ride-Rite air helper spring kits for a range of commercial Ford applications, including the 2008-current Ford E-150 (not extended van), the 2009-current Ford E-150 (extended van), and the Ford Transit Connect.

Ride-Rite air helper springs are designed to complement the payload capacity of Ford vans by using air pressure to increase vehicle stability, reduce tire wear, and maintain brake effectiveness. Firestone's durable springs help compensate for varying road conditions to assist in maximizing the vehicle's safe load-carrying capacity, stability, and ride quality.

“Our air helper springs level off-center loads by using individual inflation valves for separate side-to-side adjustment, allowing drivers to modify the springs according to the specific amount of cargo they're carrying,” said Todd Green, regional sales manager, Ride-Rite division.

Ride-Rite air helper spring kits come with a two-year limited warranty and include everything needed for installation, which typically takes between one and two hours. The system's reinforced double convoluted air springs install between the frame and axle. A pair of Ride-Rite air springs can provide up to 5,000 pounds of load leveling capacity.

Firestone also offers Air-Rite air accessory systems to complement the Ride-Rite kits.

For more information, visit www.ride-rite.com.

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