Report profiles truck equipment distributors

A typical distributor in the U.S. has $15.8 million in annual sales and about 44.5 employees, according to the recently released National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) 2006 Distributor Employee Compensation Survey Report.

“This report is the most thorough review of compensation and benefits in the distribution industries and is an excellent tool for distributors who are planning to expand their operations,” said Jim Carney, NTEA executive director.

Distributors can gauge the competitiveness of their compensation packages in comparison to more than 100 specific geographical regions of the U.S. and Canada.

The report details 23 different sales volume categories and includes salaries, bonuses, commissions and perks. It also includes fringe benefits information.

Among the typical findings, 86.5% of survey respondents indicated that their organizations offer 401K retirement plans, and 98% offer health care benefits where the employers pay 70%–75% of the premiums.

The cross-industry survey had more than 2,000 participants and was conducted and compiled for the NTEA by the Profit Planning Group, an independent research firm based in Boulder, CO.

Participants receive the report free-of-charge. For non-participating NTEA members, the publication retails for $100. Nonmembers pay $200.

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