Remanufacturing cuts emissions

Haldex has announced that it will save more than 3,900 tons in carbon dioxide emissions in 2006 through its remanufacturing process. This decrease is the result of energy saved by remanufacturing components rather than manufacturing new components. By recycling metal castings, Haldex eliminates the need to create and machine new castings, therefore, all emissions associated with this process are eliminated.

The company operates a remanufacturing facility in Marion NC. In the facility, the majority of raw materials required for production come from cores.

According to Mark Owen, product manager-Remanufactured Product Division at Haldex, when it comes to heavy-duty truck components many major internal parts are salvageable, while items such as gaskets, O-rings, and seals are replaced 100%. Components are cleaned, checked, gauged, and then replaced, or machined as necessary to ensure original product life. Haldex also recycles all cardboard, paper, pallets, water, and oils from the cleaning process.

Parts not reusable, such as gaskets and rubber products, are eliminated during the cleaning process and discarded. Other non-reusable items worn beyond use or damaged beyond repair, such as iron and aluminum castings, are recycled for new production.

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