Reader calls for hands-on approach

Dear Editor,

Thank you for stating what you did in the editorial “Harvard, we have a problem.” I've been trying to find ways to show my acquaintances in the political and education fields that we need more people who know how to work with their hands, minds, and computers — not just their mind and smart phone.

I would really like to see this editorial placed on the TBB website so I can link it to my contacts and start the discussion. I do live in a school district with a technical education school, Bollman Tech, and I will be talking with my school board representatives to see how enrollment is and how job placement goes post-graduation.

The key will be to start educating the educators, as I fear we don't have enough educators qualified to teach hands-on disciplines. They never got grease under their fingernails. I will also be talking with my local elected officials to see how more technical education can be applied in curriculum.

Thanks again, and happy new year.

Jay Klinkerman
Jim's Repair & Parts Inc
1301 East 58th Avenue, Unit L
Denver CO 80216

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