Production of Western Star AirLiner Takes Off

Western Star Trucks has unveiled the AirLiner front suspension system. Rated at 12,000 pounds, the AirLiner front suspension is available exclusively in select Western Star models, as well as in Sterling- and Freightliner-brand trucks.

The AirLiner front suspension employs a lightweight design that shares the load equally between leaf springs and air springs. Features of the front suspension and steer axle system include:

  • Convolute leaf spring — Featuring a rolled-back shape for stability and a soft-ride, the patented spring design carries 50% of the load while eliminating the need for rear spring shackles.

  • Box-shaped, fabricated axle — The box-shaped axle beam resists vertical and longitudinal load more effectively. In conjunction with the front section of the leaf springs, the axle forms a torsion system that improves roll stability and handling.

  • Performance air spring — Engineered to support the other 50% of the vertical load while providing a low spring rate, it has nearly twice the capacity of comparable systems.

  • Integrated steering and tie rod arms.

  • A two-piece knuckle design to allow kingpin bearing replacement without kingpin removal.

  • Maintenance-free rubber front bushings and rear rubber mounts.

  • An axle clamp group with four-side clamping pressure that eliminates the need for retorquing.

Western Star also has introduced the AirLiner rear air suspension, available in tandem 40,000- and 46,000-lb ratings, as well as tridems at 69,000 pounds.

For more information, contact Western Star, 2076 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada V1Y 6H8.

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