Product Profiles

HDMA Dialogue looks at ‘2007 and Beyond’

With a theme of “2007 and Beyond — Managing the Business Cycle,” the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association (HDMA) Heavy Duty Dialogue is set for Jan 23, 2006, at The Mirage in Las Vegas NV. Speakers include:

  • Mike Burns, president and chief executive officer of Dana Corp, keynote presentation on doing business from a global product manufacturer's perspective.

  • United States Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta.

  • Chris Patterson, president and CEO, Freightliner Corp.

  • Dr Clinton Longenecker, professor of management and business administration, University of Toledo.

The program also includes three panel discussions:

  • “2007-10, How Bad/Good Could it Be?” predictions from M Labbe Associates, MacKay and Co, CMVC, and ACT; moderated by Peter Nesvold of Bear Stearns.

  • ”Protecting Your Intellectual Property in a Global Market,” led by Anthony Lupo of Arent Fox.

  • “Purchasing Trends and Strategies for the 21st Century,” moderated by Tom Stundza, executive editor, Purchasing Magazine.

For registration forms and more details, e-mail Ro Olson at HDMA, [email protected].

Coming: The Total Manufacturing Experience

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) announces The Total Manufacturing Experience, to be held March 27-30, 2006, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This event co-locates the WESTEC 2006 Advanced Productivity Exposition, the SME Summit, and Automation & Assembly conference and exhibits.

A special focus will be on automation and assembly. Attendees will receive a learning experience that moves from classroom to exhibit floor, to networking and recognition activities. Participants can immediately apply what they've learned to solve real-world operations and challenges.

Emerging technologies and processes are the focus of the Micro- and Nano-Manufacturing Conferences. During The Total Manufacturing Experience, attendees can earn industry-recognized credentials through the Metal Working Fluids Certificate Program and Lean Certification Exams.

Also scheduled are the Lean Job Shop Conference and networking and recognition activities including keynotes, SME's International Honor Awards, scholarship presentations, and SME society meetings.

Further information about The Total Manufacturing Experience can be obtained by phoning 800-733-4763.

One-stop shopping for rubber components

Robinson Rubber Products has introduced its Global Resource Initiative (GRI) to provide cost-effective, globally sourced rubber components for its customers. Through GRI, Robinson outsources components to qualified, certified partners around the world to provide service to customers.

“Frequently, our customers need commodity-type or other rubber products that Robinson Rubber does not manufacture at our facilities,” says Kenn Nordstrom, vice-president-sales and marketing at Robinson. “The Global Resource Initiative is a win-win program for our customers. We provide expert engineering, material formulation and prototype design. Once specifications are determined, we source work with the global manufacturer in our network that is best equipped to produce the components.”

Manufacturing partners in the GRI program must qualify to meet the company's standards. Partner companies are ISO- or QS9000-certified. Many also are pursuing TS-16949:2002 quality systems.

Deluxe Folding Basket Carrier from Valley

Valley Industries' new hitch-mounted Deluxe Folding Basket Carrier (#90190) features a folding shank (#91190) that allows the basket to fold up and lock in place when not in use. This gives drivers another two feet of clearance behind their vehicles, without having to detach the carrier from the hitch.

Valley's heavy-duty steel, 5/8"-diameter tubular carrier allows for up to 500 pounds of extra cargo capacity in the basket's 60" × 20" × 6" space. Featuring a steel mesh floor and 6"-high sides, the Deluxe Folding Basket Carrier keeps cargo secure and in place while in transport.

This carrier fits 2" receiver hitches with a minimum Class III/IV rating. It is black powdercoated for weather resistance and rust protection, and is backed by a five-year limited warranty.

For more details, contact Valley, Lodi CA.

LOR makes lift axle operation simpler

AIRman Inc introduces a new, completely automatic “lift-on-reverse” pneumatic lift axle control module.

The new LOR (lift-on-reverse) control module simplifies typical lift axle operation. Moving the toggle operator down manually shifts the directional control valve to move the lift axle assembly to the down position. Moving the toggle operator up allows the valve to reset and return the lift axle assembly to its up position.

A solenoid-operated override may be tied into a reverse motion sensor or the backup lights. When activated, the solenoid override internally reverses the position of the valve to automatically lift the axle assembly without any human intervention. The manual toggle remains in the down position, and when the solenoid signal is removed, the valve resets and the axle assembly returns to its down position. Resetting the axle assembly during backup maneuvers is unnecessary.

The LOR module compensates for occasional operator oversight and prevents tire damage due to scuffing and equipment wear and tear. It is compact and lightweight and will fit into tight spaces behind the instrument panel. LOR is available for use as a single supply with independent regulator, or it may be used directly with the ride height control valve to further minimize operator involvement. The module is also provided in a complete panel configuration including legend plate and gauge.

For more information, contact AIRman, Wixom MI.

Paccar Parts names Bendix top supplier

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC has been named the 2004 North American Supplier of the Year by Paccar Parts, a division of Paccar Inc that supplies aftermarket parts and support to Kenworth and Peterbilt.

This is the first year Bendix has earned this award.

The Supplier of the Year winner is selected based on the highest overall score plus its efforts to grow aftermarket sales with Paccar Parts. Bendix scored in the top 2% of all Paccar suppliers this year, and was also noted for its continued support of Paccar's dealers.

On the level: Maxon GPTLR model liftgate facilitates loading

Maxon Lift Corp has redesigned its GPT model liftgate. “It's perfect for carts and pallets as it rides level all the way to the ground, just like a rail liftgate” says Brent Stratton, vice-president of sales and marketing. The new GPTLR (patents pending) was designed with a platform that allows for loads to be easily rolled on and off because it sits completely flat on the ground.

The GPTLR has the largest platform ever made for a Tuk-A-Way (up to 70" deep), featuring a higher capacity and a platform up to 86" wide on a 102"-wide truck body. This unit comes fully assembled with everything pre-wired and plumbed, and it installs as one piece.

Other features of the GPTLR include a sealed pump box that is curbside-mounted, hydraulic cylinders protected within the arm structure, a platform with an improved recessed hinge, and an underride that is FMVSS-compliant. The GPTLR also has additional patent-pending features on the new roller design that presents the platform at a vertical position when unfolding. Combined with a standard torsion bar, there is no point during the liftgate operation that the driver has to strain to fold or unfold the platform.

More company information can be obtained by accessing or phoning 800-227-4116.

TIMS may now be combined with TABS-6

Dana Corp and Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC have announced that the Dana Spicer Tire Inflation and Monitor System (TIMS) may now be combined with the new Bendix TABS-6 antilock braking system for trailers. The joint technology initiative offers the option to combine Spicer TIMS functionality with Bendix TABS-6, all within one electronic control unit (ECU).

Meanwhile, the new electronics platform also adds several new communication tool options when ordering TABS-6 with TIMS. Among these are:

  • Power line carrier (PLC) provides tire pressure and system status to the tractor and ties into dashboard displays as well as off-board communication systems.

  • In addition to blink codes and Dana PC-based diagnostics, the system is supported by Bendix ACOM PC diagnostics and Roadranger web-based ServiceRanger diagnostics.

  • Digital scratch pads provide data storage that is easily defined by the customer and end-user.

Production for the integrated Bendix TABS-6 trailer ABS with Spicer TIMS is scheduled to begin in June 2005. Dana will continue to offer its TIMS system as a stand-alone product.

Goodyear G287 MSA can deliver more miles

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co has a highway commercial tire equipped to handle mixed service conditions, including vocational fleets that require off-road traction.

Goodyear's Unisteel G287 MSA mixed service tire — with high-mileage tread compounds, an improved belt package, and computer-generated tread design — replaces the G286.

G287 MSA strengths include:

  • Mileage. A high-mileage tread compound and wide footprint deliver up to 40% more miles to removal.

  • Handling and cornering. An improved belt package, wide footprint, and flat tread radius provide up to 20% improved cornering and grip.

  • Quiet ride. Proprietary tread design reduces road noise up to 15% more than the G286.

  • Wet traction. A high-silica, high-mileage tread compound provides improved wet traction — up to 15% better than the G286 — and better handling at high speeds.

The G287 MSA also will be available with Goodyear's new proprietary DuraSeal technology, designed to cut repair, downtime, and tire replacement costs.

Manufactured in Goodyear's Danville VA facility, this tire will be available in 10.00R20, 11.00R20, 11.00R22, 11R22.5, 12R22.5, 11R24.5, 12R24.5, and 315/80R22.5 (plus HSS version). For more information, contact Goodyear, 1144 E Market St, Akron OH 44316-0001.
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XC Center Bearing joins Dana lineup

Dana Corp's Commercial Vehicle System group has introduced the Dana Spicer XC Center Bearing with an innovative design that simplifies installation and alignment of multiple driveshaft assemblies for vehicle manufacturers.

The result is better overall service life of the drivetrain system by effectively eliminating the likelihood of damage that can occur to the isolator and internal bearings. “With the new design, our OEM customers will also see improved plant efficiency and flexibility as we have successfully reduced the number of brackets that were once required” said Jim Holman, engineering manager with Dana. “In the past, multiple hanger bracket configurations were needed to accommodate a wide range of driveshaft angle configurations and alignment issues.”

The XC Center Bearing has an extended-life ball bearing with improved sealing and upgraded rubber cushion designs. These features eliminate the need for slingers and provide improved performance and reduced maintenance for heavy-duty applications. The elastomer isolator system maintains optimal performance at angle fluctuations of plus or minus 10 degrees, ensuring that the driveline system is correctly aligned and operating smoothly and efficiently. The XC Center Bearing weighs roughly 1.5 pounds less than current designs.

For more information, contact Dana, Kalamazoo MI.

CSS uses steel sparingly

America's Body Company has launched a proprietary line of van interiors, Contour Storage System (CSS). The guiding design principles behind CSS are to use steel only where needed for strength and use composite material where it can reduce noise and weight and maximize storage space.

The specially developed composite shelves and end panels eliminate the traditional metal-on-metal noise.

CSS conforms to the van wall, and by contouring with the walls and staggering the placement of the shelves, it provides maximum storage space.

Composite shelves offer more cubic storage and shelf space and are lighter weight than traditional all-metal work bin rack systems. The modular design allows a van interior to be customized. CSS can be reconfigured while in the van by adding shelves, dividers, doors, and drawers.

CSS's composite/steel bulkhead weighs just over 40 pounds, making it almost 50% lighter than all-metal bulkheads. The composite bulkhead features a 4” set-back in the wall for additional driver's seat recline. The standard bulkhead is lockable and allows for walk-through from the cabin to the cargo area. The bulkhead door can be bolted where the walk through feature is not desired

For more information, contact America's Body, Columbus OH.

East modifies winch clip

East Mfg has modified its patented and proven winch clip specifically to work with the winch track design most widely used on flatbed trailers, the Double-L winch track design. The big difference in the new East winch clip is its built-in safety feature. This winch clip allows the strap to go inside, not over top of the rub rail. That protects the strap from chafing against the rub rail (which also doubles its potential service life), and from shearing or cutting.

The new specially designed Double-L winch clip can be purchased from East, and East trailers are available with the Double-L winch track. The manufacturer recommends the track be installed on both sides of the flatbed trailer to aid in making the load more secure and thereby safer.

For more details, contact East, Randolph OH 44265.

Product removes vinyl graphic decals

West End Products LLC has added Vinyloff 10-4 to its Crystaltek product line. This product is designed to remove vinyl graphic decals from vehicles/equipment without the cost and time associated with removing old vinyl signage. Vinyloff 10-4 is non-hazardous, biodegradable, nonflammable, and water-soluble. The product can be used on painted surfaces, gel coats, or metal without harming those surfaces. It will be useful to companies with vehicle fleets and those that lease or provide service to such fleets. Installers and removers of vinyl graphic decals also can benefit.

Vinyloff 10-4 doubles or triples productivity. A trailer that previously took a day for a crew to strip can be done in half the time or less. Heat enhances the removal; as long as the surface is warm to the touch, the vinyl can be pulled off by hand. More than 90% of the adhesive is removed as well, saving the secondary step of adhesive removal. A second spray and wipe-down will remove that small amount of residual adhesive completely.

For more information, contact West End Products, 2300 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Suite 103 Attn. 321, Roswell GA 30076; phone 770-643-8501.

Brake control provides polarity protection

The new Journey HD electronic brake control (#52740) from Valley Industries offers extra features not found on most other controls, including polarity protection that will not be destroyed if power and ground wires are connected backwards.

This adjustable brake control is suited for one- to four-axle trailers with two, four, six, or eight brake systems. Separate thumb wheel controls give the driver full adjustability of both the output (power) and ramp time (reaction time).

For safe stopping of trailers with electric brake systems, Journey HD offers full power capabilities and stop lamp activation when manual override is employed. The unit incorporates no internal moving parts, requires no leveling, and is self-diagnostic. It mounts anywhere inside a vehicle and features an easy-to-read digital display.

Journey HD creates no output interference with the vehicle's electrical, cruise control, or anti-lock braking systems. All mounting hardware and instructions are included with purchase (30-amp circuit breaker required; purchased separately) for quick installation. The unit is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

For more information, contact Valley, 1313 S Stockton St, Lodi CA, 95240.

Hayes Lemmerz expanding its wheel product lines

Hayes Lemmerz International Inc's International and North American Wheel groups intend to expand their product lines to include low-pressure cast aluminum wheels for commercial truck and trailer customers.

Current plans are to have several truck wheel designs and dimensions on the market in 2006. Products for the European markets will be produced at the company's Dello, Italy facility, where it currently houses its European research and development center for aluminum wheels. In North America, aluminum truck wheels will be produced at the company's Gainesville GA facility, where a specific OE truck program is also scheduled to launch in 2006.

In Europe, Hayes Lemmerz produces both steel wheels and aluminum wheels and serves both passenger vehicle and commercial truck segments.

BAT RF products ride herd on vehicle status

Stemco's new BAT RF products use advanced sensor technologies and radio frequency identification (RFID) to collect and communicate data on vehicle condition and maintenance. The modular-based product suite addresses fleet challenges such as knowing how many miles a vehicle has traveled, which equipment needs attention for preventive maintenance, and the condition of various vehicle components.

The BAT RF system includes any of these components:

  • AirBAT RF — Tire pressure monitor providing instant visual reading of tire air pressure condition along with the ability to transfer the data by radio frequency. AirBAT RF is quickly and easily installed in less than 10 minutes on any dual tire wheel end.

  • TracBAT RF — Electronic mileage counter capable of communicating vehicle mileage data wirelessly via RF channels.

  • HandBAT RF — Handheld RF reader that collects and displays wireless data from AirBAT, TracBAT, and other sensor collection devices to be developed in the future.

  • DataBAT RF — Personal computer software that accepts downloaded data from the HandBAT for tracking and reporting. This allows data export to a fleet's maintenance or business software as desired.

  • Download Pod — Peripheral device for data transfer to and from HandBAT and DataBAT.

These system components function together or independently to provide accurate and timely data to the fleet.monitor and track mileage and tire pressure. By coupling those sensors with wireless RF data collection methods, the BAT RF system enables fleets to efficiently gather accurate vehicle mileage and tire pressure information that can be downloaded for review and reporting.

For more information, visit or contact Stemco, PO Box 1989, Longview TX 75606-1989.

Passive rear camera system in the works

Rostra Precision Controls Inc is developing a passive rear camera system that uses leading-edge technology to assist in eliminating backing accidents. Rostra is currently creating applications for several nameplates and will introduce the product to the aftermarket in the first quarter of 2005.

This new passive rear camera system uses a color camera that can be installed in the spoiler, door latch, bumper, or other similar locations on a vehicle.

Inside the cabin of the vehicle is a 2" or 3.5" LCD color display built into the rearview mirror. Activated when the vehicle is put into reverse, the monitor begins receiving images from the rear-mounted camera. Monitors/mirrors will be a direct factory replacement.

By providing a 110 to 160 degree wide-angle view from the rear of the vehicle, Rostra's passive parking aid can help a driver avoid objects in the vehicle's blind spot and identify items that are much closer to the ground than an ultrasonic product can detect.

The new camera/monitor system is being designed to work in conjunction with other Rostra products, including the digital, microprocessor-based ROSS Pro rear obstacle sensing system, the ParkPilot ultrasonic smart parking system, and the upcoming NEXTGen radar back-up system.

In addition to its use with the passive rear camera, the rearview monitor is being designed to interface with vehicle navigation/GPS systems, thus eliminating the need for a second monitor in the vehicle. (3" monitor recommended for GPS applications.) Other options of the system will include the technology for temperature, time, directional, and a DVD input. For more details, contact Rostra, 2519 Dana Dr, Laurinburg NC 28352.

Split rearview mirror can increase safety

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America has introduced an optional split rearview mirror for its medium-duty commercial trucks. The upper section of the mirror offers a generously sized, standard flat reflective surface, while the independently adjustable lower section provides a convex reflective surface that helps to eliminate driver blind spots.

The mirror mounts on standard Mitsubishi Fuso quick-adjust support brackets, available for both left- and right-hand door installation. Adjustment involves only a couple of steps. First, the driver adjusts the upper mirror for best view and locks it in place on the support bracket with a standard wrench. The lower convex section can then be pivoted independently on the fixed support arm, until the “blind spot” is minimized or eliminated.

The entire support bracket can be pivoted against the door in narrow spaces, and then pivoted back into working position without use of tools. A firm detent in the bracket pivot assures that the mirror returns to its adjusted location every time.

Contact MFTA, PO Box 464, 100 Center Square Rd, Bridgeport NJ 08014 for more details.

Cable stays flexible in extreme heat or cold

Arctic Superflex electrical cable from Phillips Industries is specifically designed for durability in extreme temperatures. Not only does it remain flexible in harsh cold weather environments to -85° F (-65° C), but Arctic Superflex also holds its shape to +175° F (79° C) making it an excellent cable replacement choice for fleets that run in severe temperature ranges.

The Arctic Superflex cable is resistant to chemicals, oils, and fuel and can be identified by its deep blue jacketing. This seven-conductor cable satisfies ABS requirements, meets SAE J2394 specifications, and is available in 100' or 250' lengths. Other electrical cable ranging from two to six conductor are also available. Phillips' entire line of wire and cable are catalogued on its web site at

Captive Locking System simplifies changes

S-Line Cargo Control Products' new patented Captive Locking System is a locking slider device made to move along a captive track. When loads change, the user can move the straps without taking them completely out of the track. Just slide the strap into the track, lock it, and leave it. This system replaces a row of E-track, means no more messy tangled straps to dig through, and the strap can be stored on the wall of a trailer.

For more information, contact S-Line, Dallas TX.

Phillips carries a torch for most requirements

Torches are indispensable to truck fleet maintenance operations and other industrial occupations requiring a heat source to make repairs. Phillips Industries has a complete line of torches to meet the needs of both professional and consumer markets:

  • Heavy-duty torch, best for battery terminals and heavy wall shrink tubing.

  • Professional torch, ideal for daily professional use.

  • Hand-held torch, great for standard heat shrink tubing and heat shrink terminals.

  • Mini-jet torch, suitable for small jobs and quick repairs.

All the heat tools available from Phillips have refillable butane tanks and waterproof piezo electronic ignition systems. Air flow is adjustable to meet specific job-related needs for each product. Phillips offers multiple packaging choices and display options. All products and packages are labeled in English, Spanish, and French.

Specifications for these and other shop tools marketed by the company can be found at

BedRug enhances Colorado, Canyon

The BedRug bedliner by Wise Industries Inc is provided for the 2005 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. It is suitable for increasing the truck bed functionality of General Motors' new mid-sized pickups.

Now also available is a GM version of the BedRug, which includes either the Chevrolet bowtie or GMC logo embroidered into the bulkhead. The GM BedRug is offered through GM Service Parts Operations (SPO) or from a GM Accessory Dealer Installer (ADI).

The BedRug features a non-skid, polypropylene surface that looks and feels like carpet, but is actually a plastic fiber, so it is unaffected by water, dirt, grease, oil, acid, bleach, or solvents. The all-plastic surface is easy to clean using only a vacuum, hose, or pressure washer. The BedRug is also impervious to stains, and will not fade or mildew.

Bonded to BedRug's plastic surface is a layer of water-resistant, closed-cell polypropylene plastic foam that will not scratch the truck bed. The custom-molded foam bottom is conformed exactly to a truck's bed ribs, creating a smooth and level “knee-friendly” surface. BedRug's bulkhead, tailgate, and sidewall sections also are custom-formed for an original equipment fit inside the truck bed.

The BedRug installs in less than one hour using hook and loop fasteners. It is backed by the BedRug 30-day money-back guarantee and a complete customer satisfaction warranty from Wise Industries.

For more information, phone Wise Industries at 800-462-8435; contact PO Box 149, Old Hickory TN 37138; or visit the company's web site at

Waytek adds LEDs to indicator light line

Waytek has added six new LED indicator lights to its product line to complement its incandescent indicator lights.

These new LED indicator lights come in two styles. The first style, with a plastic housing, has a stovepipe lens for a wider viewing angle. This 12-volt snap-in panel light fits into a ½" panel hole and is mainly used for indoor or in-cab lighting.

The second style of indicator lights is made with a metal, watertight housing and has a high-intensity LED light suitable for outdoor use. Even with the sun blazing overhead, the LED indicator light can be seen. This 12-volt snap-in light fits into a 5/16" panel hole.

Both LED styles are offered in green, amber, or red. They both come with 6", 18-gauge wire leads. They are in stock and ready to ship.

For more details or to request a free catalog, contact Waytek, 7660 Quattro Dr, PO Box 690, Chanhassen MN 55317.

With Trailguard, it's all about security

Security is the key feature of the patent-pending Trailguard, manufactured by Bear Trailer Mfg in Lebanon MO.

The tongue is completely removable. Trailguard easily detaches by unlocking the stainless pin and pulling the tongue out, disabling the lights & brakes. The pin is placed back into the lock, making insertion of another tongue impossible. Trailguard is then stored in the towing vehicle, and the trailer is secure.

Various options include actuator, bolt- or weld-on coupler, and automotive-grade seven-pin wiring connector. For more information, phone Cliff B Zamazanuk at 417-286-3300 or fax 417-286-3199.

Tonneau covers for new Dodge Dakotas

Owners of the new 2005 Dodge Dakota can now outfit their trucks with one of three soft tonneau covers from Downey Products Inc. Downey's SST (Slant Side), LTD (Lift-Top) and SE (Silver Edition) tonneau covers are available for 2005 Dakotas with 5.3' and 6.5' truck beds.

Downey's flagship tonneau, the SST, features a black anodized aluminum frame that looks great even when the cover is off. The Downey LTD has all the same features of the SST, but also lifts up for complete access to the bed without removing the cover. The SE is Downey's entry-level tonneau and incorporates a silver appearance for the rails and clamps.

All of Downey's soft tonneau covers have the company's patented inverted cover snap system. Self-lubricating snaps are virtually indestructible, so they won't wear down over time. Even in cold weather, they remain easy to fasten, and attach anywhere along the tonneau channel frame.

For more information, phone 800-736-1610; fax 419-332-2269; access; or contact Downey, 2000 Mallory Lane, Suite 130 #323, Franklin TN 37067.

Switches change direction of magnet motors

Cole Hersee Co announces its universal Reversing Polarity Toggle Switches. These forward-reverse switches change the direction of permanent magnet motors and are typically used to control oil delivery truck hose reel operation.

Reversing Polarity Toggle Switches come with momentary or maintained contact, blade, or screw terminals, and with a regular or long handle. Sealed for weather protection, the switches can withstand inclement weather. They are also provided unsealed to meet all users' specifications.

For more information, contact Cole Hersee, Boston, MA.

Webb brake drum for heavy-duty usage

The 66884 balanced brake drum offered by Webb Wheel's Aftermarket Business Unit weighs 116.7 pounds to meet the needs of a 16½" × 7" drum for heavy-duty applications. Brake drums without the Webb name cast in do not conform to Webb's quality specifications and may not meet the required weight for specific applications. Aftermarket brake drums that do not meet this criteria may cause problems for truck operators including reduced wear, premature drum cracking, and reduced stopping capabilities.

Fleets requiring more information about Webb's products should phone the company at 800-633-3256 in the United States or 800-257-3889 in Canada. For more information, visit

DuraLift II unit lighter, yet just as strong

Link Mfg Ltd's new DuraLift II is a 13,200-lb-capacity, self-steer liftable suspension constructed of steel and cast aluminum components. DuraLift II has one of the smallest installation envelopes in the industry and uses the patented interchangeable and adjustable frame brackets found on the DuraLift suspension.

The new lift actuators employ a more compact and lightweight rolling sleeve design in conjunction with zero wind-up bushings and cast aluminum lift arms. These actuators operate in-line (parallel), opposed to current angular designs, increasing reliability and durability of the lift system, as well as providing increased driveline clearance. This design also allows an integrated air kit to be installed inside the suspension system and maintain the same compact installation envelope.

DuraLift II is more than 10% lighter than the current DuraLift, using strong, lightweight components in non-critical load-bearing areas, including cast aluminum lift arms and actuator components, a high-strength aluminum crossmember, and a tubular steel axle with cast steel ends.

Bushings are easy to replace and do not require a press for replacement. The lift springs can be replaced with standard hand tools — no special tools required. DuraLift II uses steel hangers.

It also offers an optional factory-installed, integrated air system. This pre-plumbed unit significantly reduces installation time.

Three ride height bracket kits mount to the single base model, allowing the DuraLift and DuraLift II to fit any ride height and any frame width while keeping dealer inventory requirements low. Trailer mounts are available for 15" to 19.5" ride heights.

For more information, visit or phone 800-222-6283.

New lining offers longer life, quieter braking

CCM2420 friction material has been introduced by Brake Pro Ltd, designed for longer lining life, longer drum life, and quieter braking. This product is specifically designed for 20,000-lb GAWR vehicles operating in line haul, city delivery, mining, logging, refuse, rescue, fire service, heavy haul, and other similar duty cycles.

The CCM formula developed by Brake Pro combines three formulation concepts into one brake lining:

  • Conformable, the compressibility of the brake lining, provides greater surface contact.

  • Cohesive, transfer film technology, enhances the compatibility between lining and drum.

  • Metallic refers to the unique metallic fibers added to provide superior thermal capacity and diffusivity, allowing the brake lining to run cooler.

Fleets choosing application-specific CCM brake linings experience longer maintenance intervals due to longer drum and lining life as well as superior stopping performance. For more information, visit or phone 770-422-1650.

Toggle switch prevents accidental actuation

Cole Hersee Co's new Recessed Toggle Switch is comprised of a standard toggle switch centered at the bottom of a plated steel bowl measuring .892 inches deep. This new design mounts in the truck cab or body and prevents accidental actuation by the driver or by personnel loading or unloading cargo. The steel casing fits into a 2-inch-diameter hole and has an outer rim diameter of 3 3/16 inches (81 mm). The rim also has three holes for mounting.

For more information, contact Cole Hersee, 20 Old Colony Ave, Boston MA, 02127-2467; phone 617-268-2100, ext 203; fax 617-268-9490; or access

TWISTEP: a step up in truck, SUV access

Orion Technologies has introduced TWISTEP, a new step-up device for SUVs and trucks that has completely removed the need for bulky, awkward, and inconvenient truck and SUV access steps. TWISTEP securely attaches to the hitch receiver and simply rotates under the bumper when not in use. It has multiple applications, functioning as a sturdy platform for loading items onto a SUV rooftop or pickup truck rack, a stair step for pets, and even a convenient seat to put on sports gear. When a pet needs access to the SUV or truck, the TWISTEP is rotated out and extends to provide a comfortable and ultra-sturdy platform for the animal to step on to enter the vehicle.

TWISTEP can be purchased via the company web site at or at retailers nationwide. A list can be found at:

Warning lights come in oval, round models

Superior Signals Inc has introduced the 4400 series Meteorlite self-contained LED warning lights. These warning lights are multi-voltage 12- to 24-volts DC and feature a quint flash warning mode that can flash randomly, or connect two light heads together for an alternating flash pattern.

The 4400 series kits are available in 6.5" oval and 4" round models, which include a choice of grommet or flange mount and weatherproof harness. There are 19 LEDs per head and come in amber and clear. Each model carries a five-year limited warranty.

For additional information, contact Superior Signals, 15785 S Keeler Terrace, Olathe KS 66062; phone 800-447-3693; fax 913-780-1427; or visit our web site

Gladhand seal makes shutoff obsolete

For use with its gladhands, Phillips Industries has designed a new seal with an integrated dust flap, which eliminates the need for a shutoff when trailers are stored. When not in use, a trailer's air system can be contaminated with dust and debris entering through an unprotected gladhand. To address the need for a shutoff, Phillips Industries worked with a major North American fleet to develop a more economical system. The black polyurethane dust flap integrated in the gladhand seal is used with a filter screen, creating a barrier that catches the debris before it enters the system.

For more details, contact Phillips, 12012 Burke St, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670.

Weather Guard ladder racks are improved

Knaack Manufacturing is announcing product improvements to its Weather Guard van and mini van ladder rack product line.

The improved features are: a universal gutter clamp, Mylar anti-wear strips, ladder guides and Velcro straps, zinc phosphate undercoating, and adjustable sway braces. These improved features are available on a variety of Weather Guard van ladder rack models including the: safari steel rack, quick clamp van rack, all-purpose van steel rack, and all-purpose van aluminum rack.

The new Weather Guard universal gutter clamp is manufactured to be universally installed on all vehicles. Before this design change, the gutter clamp was designed specifically for Chevrolet/GM and Ford/Dodge vans and minivans. The universal gutter clamp is backwards-compatible, allowing it to be used as a replacement for previously installed van racks. Included with the universal gutter clamp is a “spacer,” which is needed in conjunction with Ford and Chevrolet vehicles.

Mylar anti-wear strips protect ladders and building materials hi high-friction areas. Ladder guides and Velcro straps aid in securing ladders and building materials. On all Weather Guard steel racks, a zinc phosphate undercoating is now applied to create a more durable, long-lasting powder finish.

An adjustable sway brace is now provided on ladder rack products that feature the quick clamp. The brace easily adjusts for different size ladders and can be quickly installed.

For more information, contact Knaack, 420 E Terra Cotta Ave, Crystal Lake IL 60014; phone 800-456-7865; fax 800-334-2981; access; or e-mail [email protected].

Lorado: Style, performance in a truck cover

With its low-profile styling, Agri-Cover's Lorado roll-up cover features an all-black frame system and uses all-aluminum construction along with a UV-protected, double-coated vinyl fabric. Vinyl fabric makes rolling-up the cover easy in all weather conditions. In addition, the XT-Dial tension adjusters provide control of the cover's tension without tools. The patented over-center design creates a tight cover on the road.

The new front Element Seal ensures maximum cargo protection for all sorts of weather conditions. A newly designed reflex latching system gives added security along with effortless opening and closing.

Lorado covers are compatible with most truck bed accessories such as bed rails, bed caps, tailgate protectors, and even most bed liners — and still allow full use of the truck's bed. covers come with the Premium Cover lifetime warranty.

For more information, contact Agri-Cover, PO Box 508, Jamestown ND 58402.

System keeps tabs on driving data

Transfer Flow Inc's TRAX II-FMS fuel monitoring system consists of an interactive dash-mounted LCD display that shows useful information for long-distance drivers.

The LCD displays the number of gallons in a fuel tank, as well as the percentage of fuel available. It also shows the current status of the fuel system. The TRAX II-FMS displays a Diagnostic Trouble Code on the LCD if a fuel system problem arises.

From the moment the ignition key is turned on till it is turned off, the TRAX II-FMS generates this data that is updated several times a minute: time since keyed on, distance, speed (average), economy (average fuel economy), fuel rate (average fuel consumption rate), used fuel (total gallons consumed), distance to empty, and time to empty. All of these values are reset once the vehicle is turned off.

When using the current information mode on the TRAX II-FMS, two submenus display instantaneous information. Check vehicle speed, engine tachometer, fuel consumption rate (gallons per hour), and fuel economy (miles per gallon) all as it is happening.

The TRAX II-FMS is fully calibratable by the user. The FMS also can be accurately calibrated to the customers' specific vehicle by the operator. It comes with LCD display, adjustable mounting bracket and hardware, wire harness, and a user's guide.

For more information, phone Transfer Flow at 800-442-0056 or 530-893-5209, or visit

Sealed plug, receptacle keep out corrosion

Sloan Transportation Products has introduced its new MAXXDuty coiled electrical seven-way sealed plug and receptacle. This plug assembly includes a number of weather-resistant features including a plug-face gasket that ensures a positive seal to the socket.

The product also features overmolded terminals that help seal against corrosion migration and an integrated drip edge that eliminates back-flowing contaminants from tracking down the cable into the plug/socket connection. Ergonomic gripping points developed by Sloan assist in plugging and unplugging. To complement this product, Sloan is introducing a sealed receptacle that mates to the sealed plug and has the same overmolded technology.

Like all of Sloan's coiled electrical plugs, the MAXXDuty coiled electrical seven-way sealed plug and receptacle meets SAE J560 requirements.

For more information, phone 800-336-7778, e-mail [email protected], or access

Generation II addresses ABA longevity issues

Crewson Industries, a part of the MacLean Vehicle Systems group, focused on eliminating longevity issues facing automatic brake adjuster owners when the company designed its new Generation II automatic brake adjuster.

The major area of improvement on the Gen II enhances the life of the clutch, the key wear component in the brake adjuster. Every time a manual adjustment is made as a part of brake maintenance, additional wear occurs, impacting clutch life.

Crewson addressed this issue with a clutch release feature called Spin Guard that allows manual brake adjustment to occur without damaging the clutch. The adjusting shaft hex can turn freely in either direction when Spin Guard is used, which means no more hard half-turn backoffs to preset lining to drum clearance. Installers need only push in the clutch release button, back off the hex one-half turn, and release the button.

Corrosion resistance on the Gen II is improved with the use of Crewson's patented Cam-Guard feature, which protects the S-camshaft splines by guiding grease to the splines every time the ABA is greased.

Every Gen II is 100% sealed from both moisture and contaminants. The single-side-cover design also reduces corrosion issues with four backup sealing points. Crewson uses a multi-surface ring seal instead of an O-ring, and this also provides multiple-point sealing against the body. Each of these seals is designed for maximum protection in all operating environments.

In addition, the clutch release spindle and lift rod both use common boots for sealing; boots that are designed with six internal sealing rings for maximum protection.

For more details, contact Crewson, 1800 Broadway Ave, Buffalo NY 14212; phone 716-894-1044; or e-mail: [email protected].

Series 18 circuit breakers offered by MP

Mechanical Products Co (MP) is introducing a new circuit breaker, designated Series 18 and recommended for truck, bus, heavy equipment, off-road, RV, and electric vehicle battery protection applications.

The new Series 18 weatherproof, trip-free design circuit breaker comes in ratings of 2 - 60 amps with voltage ratings of 32 volts DC/120 volts AC and offering short-circuit interruption of up to 3,000 amps. Breakers are available in push-to-reset and automatic reset configurations.

For further information, contact MP, 1824 River St, Jackson MI 49202; phone 517-782-0391, ext.253.

Slack adjuster provides extended service life

Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC, a wheel end and foundation brake joint venture between Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC and Dana Corp, offers an enhanced Bendix ASA-5 automatic slack adjuster that offers extended service life and reduces the ingress of contaminants.

The revised Bendix ASA-5 slack adjuster features new patented and exclusive bronze bearing rings on the spline gear and improved, more durable clutch geometry that extends service life. The revised design also includes enhanced sealing and lubrication loading, contributing to enhanced resistance to external contaminants.

ASA-5 is designed for use on cam actuated drum brakes, which are common on most highway vehicles. Like a manual slack adjuster, the ASA-5 multiplies and transforms linear force of the air actuator into a rotational force or torque, which is used to apply the foundation brake. Additionally, the slack adjuster automatically adjusts the clearance between the brake lining and drum to compensate for wear.

For more information, visit or phone 866-610-9709.

Air disc brakes optional on Intraax, Vantraax

Hendrickson has launched production of air disc brake packages as a premium option on many Intraax and Vantraax suspension systems.

Working with Haldex as a preferred supplier, Hendrickson delivers a complete air disc braking system matched to several wheel-end and spindle options meeting the requirements of most trailer applications. Disc brakes from other manufacturers are also available.

Disc brakes provide more consistent braking during extended braking application cycles such as descending long grades. Air disc brakes also improve stopping distance at high speeds.

For additional information, phone Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems toll-free at 866-743-3247.

Flameless heat gun great for under the hood

Grote Industries' new flameless heat gun (Grote #83-6508) is designed especially for heat shrink electrical connectors and hose clamps, and is said to be suitable for underhood vehicle maintenance applications.

The cordless, flameless gun is completely portable and features automatic ignition. It is up to the proper temperature and ready to use in 15 seconds, has adjustable heat settings, and can create heat ratings up to 1,400° F.

The Grote gun includes an attachable heat deflector, which can be used to concentrate heat in a specific area. It features a wide nozzle and a high-output, long-life catalyst. The versatile tool weighs under 5 ounces filled, and will operate for nearly two hours at mid-temperature settings.

For more details, phone Grote at 812-265-8417.

Putnam XDR hitch works with 18" spares

Putnam Hitch Products Inc has released a new 15,000-lb Class V Xtra Duty Receiver, or XDR, trailer hitch for the 2005 Ford Super Duty pickup trucks. The XDR for the new 2005 Super Duty is designed specifically to work with the new 18" spares, a new option on the new Ford workhorse.

The ratings for the new hitch are 15,000 pounds weight carrying and 16,000 pounds with a weight distribution system. The maximum tongue weight is now 1,700 pounds.

Companions to the XDR Series receivers are the XDR Series Ball Mounts. Putnam offers five solid steel ball mounts with 15,000-lb ratings. Available in 2", 4", and 6" drop versions, the XDR Series ball mounts complete the receiver hitch towing system.

For more details, contact Putnam, Bronson MI.

Wireless meter tracks actual ‘run hours’

An onboard, electronic device that measures the actual “run hours” of equipment is being introduced by Shockwatch. The RF Hourmeter sends runtime information via wireless network (802.11 b or g) to either local or remote computers running the companion management, Java-based software.

The Shockswitch RF Hourmeter can monitor three independent inputs such as keyswitch, drive motor, and hydraulic motor. Its alert capabilities tell of maintenance needs due, and an instant alert capability can activate message delivery process via e-mail. The device is equipped with LED operating status indicators: power on/off, active input, RF (solid) connected to local wireless network, Flashing (not connected), and CON (connection established to RF Hourmeter Software).

The new hourmeter may be applied on any vehicle or machine (stationary or moving). The wireless reporting capability reduces maintenance costs due to less manpower retrieving information from scattered pieces of equipment, as well as more accurate preventive maintenance.

For further information, contact Shockwatch, Dallas TX.

Pickup Pack combines security, space

Highway Products Inc's Pickup Pack combines lockup security and maximum storage space in an aluminum body that can be easily installed in mid- and full-size pickup trucks.

Completely pre-assembled as a single unit, the Pickup Pack has a cab guard, gull wing saddle box, two lockable low side boxes, a center hatch, and removable ladder rack. When closed, the hatchback also locks the tailgate, making the bed area secure and weather-resistant. There is a space beneath the toolboxes for sheets of plywood or other cargo.

Highway Products can configure the Pickup Pack to meet any special needs.

The Pickup Pack is shipped in a crate ready to be set in place and bolted down using only an electric drill and several wrenches. For full details, contact Highway Products, White City OR.

Johnson supplies stainless steel hardware

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies is providing stainless steel cam lock hardware, which offers superior strength and a longer usable life than chrome or powdercoated hardware. Stainless hardware is an option for new truck bodies, or it can be used to replace rusted hardware on older truck bodies,

Chrome-plated zinc diecast, the old standard hardware for refrigerated truck bodies, has been a constant source of corrosion, pitting, and rust. With refrigerated truck bodies lasting longer than ever before, corroded hinges are no longer acceptable. Long-lasting stainless hardware is rust-free, and its polished satin finish remains attractive and dependable in constant use.

This hardware has a lower silhouette since it does not protrude beyond the walls as far as other hardware. In addition, the cam lock hardware has stainless steel set screws and take-up adjustment, which increase or decrease the door gasket pressure. The use of nylon bushings at wear points increases hardware longevity.

The new hardware is available in two-, three-, and four-point cam locks with or without internal release. They are designed for coolers and freezers, industrial utility buildings, environmental enclosures, truck bodies and trailers, and the commercial fishing industry. Stainless steel cam lock hardware can be ordered from Johnson Truck Bodies at 800-922-8360.

Liftgates, swing doors now more compatible

Waltco Truck Equipment Co introduces the optional Swing Door Compatible Bed Extension (patent-pending), to make liftgates and swing doors more compatible and efficient.

Fleet owners and operators typically face a dilemma when specifying a truck body. Select swing doors, and adding a liftgate will be complicated because the hardware required to secure swing doors interferes with mounting and operation of a liftgate. Select a liftgate, and cargo loading and carrying space is lost. This is because roll-up doors create a smaller opening to the vehicle bed and require overhead clearance that cuts into cubic load capacity.

The Swing Door Compatible Bed Extension is a 1/4-inch diamondplate steel platform that extends the bed of the truck by 10 inches. A hinged, flip-away center panel creates a smooth transition from liftgate to truck floor, then flips away to access door-securing hardware.

When operating the liftgate, the panel is flipped up to create the smooth surface necessary for cargo transport. When the liftgate is down and it's time to close the doors, the panel flips down out of the way, to expose the hardware required to close and secure the door.

For more information, phone 800-211-3074.

Dana enhances its wheel end offerings

Dana Corp's Commercial Vehicle Systems group has introduced the heavy-duty Dana Spicer LMS hub system to complement its new 20,000- and 22,000-lb GAWR steer axle series. The new wheel end system features:

  • Precision machined ConMet aluminum or iron hubs.

  • Pre-adjusted wheel bearings reduce installation time and maintenance.

  • Precision machined bearing spacers for longer seal and brake life.

  • High-performance Outrunner oil bath seals provide increased uptime.

  • Patented Dana Spicer LMS hubcap and vent system lower life cycle costs.

  • Improved spindle nut system ensures proper exacting torque for improved performance and safety.

The hub system design controls bearing adjustment and eliminates installation variables that can lead to end play, premature wheel seal failure, brake lining replacement, and wheel bearing failure.

LMS hub systems are approved for both on- and off-highway applications and come in a range of axle ratings up to 22,800 pounds GAWR for steer axles. Furthermore, the LMS is compatible with both drum brake configurations and air disc brake technologies. Warranty coverage is for up to three years or 350,000 miles on steer axles, with Dana-approved lube.

For more information, contact Roadranger, Kalamazoo MI.

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