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Heil's Python automated arm wins a US patent

Heil Environmental has been awarded a United States patent for the design of the Python automated arm.

Python's design creates elliptical motion when lifting and dumping, rather than the circular motion of most automated arms. The result is smooth operation, cleaner dumping, fast cycle times, and none of the banging and shaking commonly associated with other lifts.

The Python's lift cycle time is six to eight seconds, which makes it up to four seconds faster per stop than other systems. This can save at least an hour a day, for a potential cost savings of some $15,000 per year, per vehicle.

Python inventor Henry Hund also eliminated many maintenance concerns while increasing reliability with this design. He designed an enclosed oil bath gearbox for the Python to virtually eliminate grabber gear wear. Python grabber gears are expected to last at least eight years without replacement.

The Python can handle carts ranging in size from 30 gallons to 300 gallons, depending on the grabber options selected.

For additional information about the Python automated arm, contact a Heil distributor, visit or phone toll-free 800-214-4345.

Remote keyless entry offered for Peterbilt trucks

Peterbilt Motors Co now offers remote keyless entry for its entire line of heavy-duty conventional trucks and tractors.

The remote keyless option uses a two-button fob to lock and unlock the driver, passenger, and full-size sleeper doors. Truck marker lights illuminate to confirm when the lock or unlock operation is complete. The system has a 30-foot range and uses random signal technology to safeguard the signal.

Remote keyless entry is provided for Peterbilt Models 379, 385, 378, and 357. The company began offering the system for its aerodynamically styled Model 387 earlier in 2004.

Welding reels can mount in limited space

Hannay Reels' N400 Series welding reels are designed to improve the efficiency of welding operations. The reel handles 1/4" or 3/8" oxygen/gas hose in lengths of up to 100 feet, and features two swivel joint inlets and two outlet risers to handle twin gas welding hose. The narrow frame design is ideal for limited-space mounting.

For more information, contact Hannay, 553 State Route 143, Westerlo NY 12193-0159.

Systems provide safety when backing up

SafetyStop back-up systems are provided for all types of commercial vehicles and buses. A recent report from a user confirmed that the SafetyStop system activated and stopped the vehicle as it was about to back into a person working in a yard. Damage reduction is greatly reduced, and some companies report a payback within 14 months of the Sentinel system being installed.

Systems can be manufactured to suit a customer's need. Multiple sensors can be installed to cover both top and bottom of the vehicle's rear. Systems fit all vehicles from small vans up to heavy commercials. On air-braked vehicles, the Sentinel system applies the vehicle's brakes for three seconds if an obstruction is within 1,000 mm. The brakes are then released and the vehicle can continue reversing. This allows minimum damage when approaching loading docks and buildings.

The SafetyStop Defender system is used on maintenance vehicles that require protection from rear end impacts. A rubber bumper causes the brakes to be applied when impacted.

SafetyStop has developed its systems so that the ultrasonic sensors and rubber bumpers are more efficient and very reliable. All Safetystop systems can be built to comply with regulations and can be fitted to tankers.

For more details, e-mail [email protected] or phone 01454-238500.

Venturo upgrades hydraulic crane series

Venturo has made 20-foot full hydraulic extendable boom extensions standard on all HT40KX and HT50KX cranes with proportional controls. The alternative, low-cost configuration with non-proportional controls and combination hydraulic/manual boom extensions continue in the product line.

In an ongoing effort to reduce cost, increase quality, and add features, Venture has added extensive troubleshooting capabilities to its proportional radio remote systems while decreasing the cost by more than 50%. Even the non-proportional receivers will include the troubleshooting error code display. The proportional system will include a backup CAN cord for direct hardwire control and transmitter battery recharging. In addition, an optional handheld computer can provide diagnostic checks as well as calibration of the crane's operating functions

For detailed information, phone 800-226-2238, e-mail [email protected], or visit

AmeriDeck lets pickups become workhorses

With the patent-pending AmeriDeck product line for full-size pickup trucks, now even pickups can load heavy equipment and cargo from the ground onto the truck bed with a simple lightweight device.

The new product family of AmeriDeck has two main decks that fit full-size pickups. Super Deck is a light, reinforced platform that carries equipment, loads, or vehicles. Chore Master is the light, dump bed variation. Beds are interchangeable, and they can lift, dump, and transport on a regular 8-foot pickup.

The AmeriDeck line is made at Bucks Fabricating in northwestern Pennsylvania, the company that invented the Switch-N-Go detachable truck body system for medium work trucks.

According to Dale Deist, president of Bucks Fabricating, “The Super Deck and Chore Master products lines were recently acquired from AmeriDeck Corp. We recognize the innovation, utility, and quality these products bring to the pickup market. We look forward to combining our manufacturing and marketing synergies as we bring these fine products to pickup truck operators everywhere.”

Phone Bud Greenert at 888-311-0867 for additional information or the location of a distributor. Distributorships are available.

Wescon Dual Axis RVC fits agricultural uses

Wescon Products Co has designed a new Dual Axis Remote Valve Control, in a new, 2.5" × 2.5" compact size, to specifically fit agricultural applications. The new control, with its optional locking mechanism, assures the operator that a hydraulic valve cannot be accidentally opened. The design of the unit also allows it to be mounted from any side, making it more versatile than conventional controls.

The smaller size allows the unit to fit in the tight conditions often found in agricultural equipment. The joystick configuration lets the cables be moved either independently or together, giving the operator total control of the equipment.

The new Wescon unit is designed with compact cables and valve connections to allow more operator room, yet handle the same load as traditional controls. This control also provides greater operator safety by allowing the control to be located away from the actual hydraulic lines in case of any failure of those lines.

The Dual Axis RVC is manufactured from specially formulated lightweight composite materials that have been tested to remain effective at minus 40 to 200 degrees F. The Dual Axis RVC can be used with most popular hydraulic valves used in mobile applications.

When needed for the application, up to three electric switches can be mounted on the handle of the unit.

For more information, contact Wescon, 2533 S West St, Box 7710, Wichita KS 67277.

Latest models complete Axcess platform

Miller Electric Mfg Co has completed the Axcess platform of power supplies for advanced MIG welding applications with the introduction of the Axcess 675 and Auto-Axcess 675 multi-MIG welding systems.

Axcess 675 is designed for construction and mining machinery and high-volume, long or continuous welding applications. With an output of 675 amps/44 volts at 100% duty cycle, it is suitable for big welds that require long cycle times. Voltage range in the constant voltage (CV) mode is 10 to 44 volts with 80-volt DC maximum open circuit voltage. The units measure 39" × 17" × 22.5" and weigh 208 pounds.

All Axcess systems use identical software providing consistently repeatable results from system to system. Axcess power supplies come standard with programs for steel, stainless steel, metal core, and aluminum wires with the most common gas mixtures for Accu-Pulse, common pulsed MIG, and optional RMD.

Accu-Pulse is a hybrid CV and constant current controlled pulsed spray transfer process. It rapidly adapts to the joint condition, reducing arc wandering and spatter, whileallowing for increased deposition rates. RMD is an optional ultra-low heat input, low spatter, hybrid short-circuit transfer MIG welding process, suitable for filling gaps and welding thin materials.

For more details, phone 800-426-4553, fax 877-327-8132, e-mail [email protected], or contact Miller, PO Box 100, Lithonia GA 30058.

Liquid Rivet replaces mechanical fasteners

Bostik Findley Inc has launched its Liquid Rivet 1152 FS adhesive/sealant, a high-solids, moisture-curing formulation with high green strength and initial tack. It can eliminate the need for most — if not all — mechanical fasteners when applied to proper engineering guidelines, and can improve vibration attenuation and sound dampening.

Liquid Rivet has less than 30 grains/liter of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and less than 6 grains/liter of hazardous air pollutant content. It is compliant with both CARB and SCAQMD California air quality emissions standards.

This product comes in 10.3-ounce cartridges. It has no-slump/non-sag properties and forms a bond that meets transportation industry demands for elasticity, torsion stiffness, and adhesion to dissimilar materials. Liquid Rivet is tack-free in 30 to 45 minutes and fully cures in 24 hours. Other physical properties include 300-psi tensile strength, 55 Shore A hardness value, and temperature resistance from -40° to 190° F.

For more details, contact Bostik, 211 Boston St, Middleton MA 01949-2128.

Molded connectors come in different styles

Waytek's molded connectors — with color-coded wires — are offered in loop style with a male connector on one end and a female connector on the other end, or with either a male or female connector on one end only.

These connectors are provided with one to eight contacts (excluding a seven-contact connector). Designed for 12- and 24-volt applications, they are equipped with 16-gauge GPT wire(s) on all but the eight-contact connector. The eight-contact connector has three 12-gauge wires and five 16-gauge wires. A loop GXL wire connector is available with one to four contacts.

For more information about these products or to request a free catalog, contact Waytek, 7660 Quattro Dr, PO Box 690, Chanhassen MN 55317.

Reelcraft fills custom needs in short order

Reelcraft Industries has a new product line, the Series 40. With this large-frame reel design, flexible, custom reel configurations are built as standard requests in just five days.

Height, width, and depth dimensional specifications are no longer considered special orders. Series 40 reels offer many options for size, guide arm position, motor location, and accessories, including a more robust gear drive option that yields greater strength and is less affected by heavy vibration and temperature changes. Series 40 offers considerable strength in a lighter-weight T-slot aluminum frame combined with stainless steel fasteners and powdercoated flanges. These reels are space-savers and can be installed in various configurations.

For additional information, phone 800-444-3134 ext 7335 or visit

Beau-Roc's Diamond gleams with innovation

Beau-Roc has brought innovation to the dump body market with its newest body line, the Diamond. The Diamond body is built of Brinell 450 steel that has been shaped to increase its strength significantly compared with flat plate designs. The one-piece multifaceted sides allow the entire side to react to impact as a unit, not divided into smaller, less resilient rectangles. Use of crossmemberless, unibody design and high-strength materials eliminate any need for posts or horizontal bracing. The result of this engineering and design is a body that is profitably lighter and stronger. Like all Beau-Roc body models, the Diamond also has a one-piece smooth floor with integrated 50-degree side braces that does not allow load hangup. The Diamond also has a one-piece smooth tailgate which improves the longevity of the tailgate. The DH model also has a internal tailgate reinforcement to allow for heavy-duty use. All bearing surfaces are nitrated, and the entire body is continuously welded. The Diamond comes with a two-year body warranty and three-year parts warranty.

The Diamond line consists of the DL (Diamond Light Weight), the DH (Diamond Heavy Duty), and soon a single-axle version, the DLS, for the municipal and single-axle contractor market. For more information, phone Beau-Roc at 613-443-0044.

Freedom flatbeds from Great Dane offer liberation from the conventional trailer

Great Dane is offering the Freedom line of straight frame and dropdeck platform trailers. The combination steel/aluminum platform trailers offer competitive weight and price without sacrificing strength and durability.

Freedom flatbeds are designed to be modified at the branch or dealer with add-ons such as toolboxes, tire carriers, bulk heads, winches, and straps. They feature an integral winch track, and modular construction makes them easy to repair.

At 102" wide, Freedom flatbeds come in two specs: 12" crossmember spacing for extra strength in forklift operations and 16" crossmember spacing for heavy-load hauling where trailer weight must be kept at a minimum.

The floor system design includes crossmembers that connect to the main beam web with no welding. This design gives improved fatigue life for long-lasting service.

The 1.25" aluminum floor with four apitong nail strips adds versatility for load securement. Chain tiedowns are recessed in the floor to secure loads. Double pipe spools and stake pockets on 24" centers are standard.

Great Dane's aluminum winch track includes 10 winches the full length of the roadside track. Aluminum track can be one side, both sides, or deleted from the order.

Freedom offers a steel front end with reinforcements for rated bulkheads, a 48" coupler height, and a 30" kingpin location. Reinforcing “doubler plates” in high-stress regions of the gooseneck and gussets in the suspension area increase durability and eliminate cracking. For more information, contact Great Dane, PO Box 67, Savannah GA 31402.

East adds capacity to Genesis — not weight

East Mfg Corp has engineered a way to add up to two cubic yards of capacity to every Genesis smooth-side aluminum dump trailer without adding any additional weight. In the process, it's enhanced the appearance of Genesis, an aluminum dump trailer manufactured with vertical wall panels.

The original Genesis sidewall panels were offset about 2" inboard of the top and bottom rails, and the front and rear posts. By redesigning the rear posts, East was able to move the sidewalls to a flat outboard position, flush with the top and bottom rails. This gains more than 4" of interior width the length of the trailer, which gives a standard 34-foot dump trailer an additional two cubic yards of payload potential.

Genesis' clean flat look is enhanced without dirt-shedder plates or fender flares over the tires. Airflow around the sides of the Genesis is virtually unimpeded. The smooth sidewalls mean better aerodynamics. In addition, the double-wall panel configuration of Genesis also prevents dings on the interior from showing on the exterior.

The key to the new Genesis aluminum dump body is the redesigned rear post. This extruded post is stronger than formed posts used by most aluminum trailer manufacturers. Specially designed cast hinges are integrated adjacent to the rear post.

The new Genesis design is optional for both frame and frameless type East aluminum dump trailers. For more details, contact East, 1871 State Route 44, PO Box 277, Randolph OH 44265.

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