Product Profiles

Chrome-finish LEDs more than tough enough

The new CR Series of LEDs from Wilbrecht Electronics Inc has been designed for tough use in panel-mounted configurations. Their design features a reflective, nickel-plated brass housing that stands up to harsh environmental conditions for automation control panels, instrumentation, and front panel fault indicators. Equipped with a neoprene gasket/washer, the chrome-finish LEDs are suitable for watertight uses.

These LEDs have built-in resistors for use with both 5- to 60-volt DC and 120-volt AC power. They provide a drop-in fit for the standard 0.312"-diameter hole while allowing design engineers to select LED color functionality as single color, bicolor, tricolor, and blinking. LEDs can be ordered with bare pins or with insulated leads for circuitry layouts that require longer lead length. Hex nuts and spacers simplify assembly for any panel-mount application.

Contact Wilbrecht, 1400 Energy Park Dr, Suite 18, St Paul MN 55108-5248 for further details.

Dataloggers supply proof of temperature

Thermo King's new TransScan 2 Dataloggers report temperature and conditions for over-the-road loads. By pushing a button, drivers of refrigerated vehicles can provide proof of the temperature in their chiller compartment. The delivery ticket (temperature at delivery time) or a journey ticket (temperatures throughout the journey) can be printed and given to a receiver any time of day.

The three dataloggers are Hazardous Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP)-compliant and offer reporting of box temperatures and event occurrences. Multiple sensors can record temperatures in up to four different areas and will pick up to three event occurrences, such as low fuel levels and door openings. Memory remains secure because of the data-safe memory registered every 10 minutes 24/7 every day.

Dataloggers offer offload of recorded data for storage and analysis on a standard PC using Wintrac 4.1 software. Built-in printers produce delivery tickets, journey tickets, or multi-day graphs (graphical presentation of printed data).

Two of the models are designed for in-cab installation. The 45-1982 fits in-dash into a standard radio slot, while the 45-1986 installs on a vertical surface in the cab. The third model, 45-1983, comes in a weatherproof enclosure and attaches externally to the trailer box. For full details, contact Thermo King, 314 W 90th St, Minneapolis MN 55420-3693.

Blue Chip lamp lasts up to 10,000 hours

The Blue Chip stop/tail/turn lamp from Grote Industries is a Series 40 four-inch round incandescent light recognized by its distinctive clear blue back.

This lamp (part #52952 in red and #52953 in yellow) features the company's Torsion Mount II bulb cradle with Cushion Mount technology to reduce the effects of road vibration on the 2057LL bulb. The bulb will last an average of up to 10,000 hours. To further protect the bulb, the Blue Chip lamp incorporates 50% more cushioning gel than a standard lamp. Tin-plated brass terminals and inside track provide an extra layer of protection against corrosion. The lens is covered with a clear chip coating to provide UV protection and prevent fading.

This lamp comes with a three-year warranty. Female-pin terminations mean that the Blue Chip lamp accepts all popular wiring harness connections. Contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250 for more information.

OMFB piston pumps come to America

Mobile Hydraulic Equipment Corp is offering OMFB piston pumps to the United States market. Sold throughout Europe, OMFB supplies high-pressure gear and piston pumps for mobile applications. OMFB pumps are designed for installers and operators of cranes, hooklifts, concrete mixers, and similar truck applications. Bidirectional straight- and bent-axis models from 5 to 40 gpm are available with pressure output up to 5,070 psi. For more details, contact Mobile Hydraulic Equipment Corp, PO Box 463006, Escondido CA 92046.

Clip provides side entry for routing wires

Micro Plastics Inc has added another product to its inventory of wire-handling hardware and accessories. This latest addition is a wire clip with push-in mount that offers a convenient side entry for routing wires and cables. The wire clip is available in black or natural Nylon 6/6.

Free samples are available upon request. For a free copy of the full line catalog #2002, contact Micro Plastics, Customer Service Department, Hwy 178 North, Flippin AR 72634.

DC digital controllers: pulse power at work

With Blue Sea Systems' new family of DC digital voltage controllers, recreational vehicle owners can control and dim lights or adjust the speed of fans or other electric motors using a standard panel or rocker switch. This product is suited for use in recreational vehicles, trailers, bus conversions and other “homes on wheels.”

These devices deliver continuous voltage control from 0 to 100% of input voltage. They have a last-setting memory, so when the switch on the light, fan, or motor is turned on, it will automatically come on at the same brightness or power as when it was turned off. Digital voltage controllers use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to pulse DC voltage to the light or motor being controlled. PWM is easier on modern lighting systems, particularly those with halogen bulbs.

Blue Sea offers three versions, each with a compact, waterproof sealed housing and the ability to operate in extreme environments, including temperatures from -20° to +85° C. Model #7501 is a 2-amp controller rated for use with dashboard gauges, small single-fixture interior lights, and small fans. Model #7502 is a 5-amp controller designed for use with medium to large single-fixture interior lights, most fans, and small blowers. Model #7503 is a 10-amp controller capable of handling multiple-fixture area lighting, large fans, and blowers. All are designed to operate on either 12- or 24-volt DC systems.

For more information, contact Blue Sea, 425 Sequoia Dr, Dept P, Bellingham WA 98226.

Electronic hubodometer has no moving parts

The DataTrac electronic hubodometer, Stemco's new mileage counter and trip recorder, is completely electronic with no moving parts. Powered by a lithium battery, DataTrac provides both trip and life readings. The product offers a four-year or 500,000-mile warranty, and each unit has its own serial number and date code.

Weighing 5.6 ounces, the compact DataTrac provides an easy-to-read LCD (liquid crystal display). Existing Stemco brackets or hubodometer hubcaps are used for mounting. For more information, contact Stemco, 300 Industrial Blvd, PO Box 1989, Longview TX 75602-4720.

Momentary switch connects almost anywhere

Cole Hersee Co's new M-608 plasticized push-button momentary switch for trucking applications can be connected virtually anywhere the driver needs one. Because it is unaffected by adverse weather conditions, this universal switch is suitable for non-cab locations, to actuate ancillary equipment such as a tailgate hoist or a crane, or to reel in a cable or hose.

The M-608 is a spring-loaded single-pole, single-throw switch. Plastic-sealed to withstand weather, moisture, and dirt, it has a black rubber moisture-repellent cap that snaps over the facenut for added protection. This switch is constructed with a brass case, brass hardware, and a chrome-plated brass plunger. For more information, contact Cole Hersee, 20 Old Colony Ave, Boston MA 02127-2467.

Light heads can provide various flash rates

Superior Signals Inc offers the SY46200M programmable LED module light heads. The master LED light head can control multiple LED light modules on a vehicle. The master and one cable can control both the flash rates and flash patterns of up to eight LED light modules throughout a vehicle. All intelligence is contained in the light itself; the master can be programmed to provide various flash rates and pattern controls.

These light head modules have the versatility of warning-class strobe or halogen lights, but can function as secondary stop/turn/taillights. Each model can operate on its own or be added in conjunction with the SY46200M master module. LED light modules are offered in amber, blue, clear, and red and are 12-volt DC. All modules are epoxy-encapsulated for moisture and vibration protection and come with a two-year warranty.

For additional information, contact Superior, 15785 S Keeler Terrace, Olathe KS 66062.

Rolling Tailboard supplies loads of service

Witzco Challenger Trailers' new Rolling Tailboard accessory is intended for easy loading/unloading of freight and equipment. The 8"-diameter roller is designed with sealed bearings for smooth off-loading of pallets, containers, tanks, and other equipment applications.

The Rolling Tailboard can be factory-installed on any of the company's trailer models, or purchased separately as an aftermarket option. Customized configurations are also available.

For complete details, contact Witzco, 6101 S McIntosh Rd, Sarasota FL 34238.

HTIS activates when needed to reinflate tires

The Hendrickson Tire Inflation System (HTIS) option for Intraax and Vantraax trailer suspension systems maintains inflation to a specified level. This system detects low tire pressure and alerts the operator. It responds by directing air when a tire dips below a predetermined pressure level. HTIS activates only when needed constant air pressurization to the tires is not required.

With HTIS, air travels from the supply tank through air lines inside the axle to the wheel ends. A rotary union allows air to flow from a non-rotating axle spindle to the rotating hubcap fitting. Hoses connect from a hubcap tee to the tires. A warning light alerts the operator to system status and maintenance activity, and the system records episodes of low tire pressure for retrieval during servicing. Check valves help prevent tire pressure loss back through the system. Manual fill and pressure checks may be done at the hose end.

An addition to Hendrickson's Ready-To-Roll (RTR) options, HTIS connects all tires to the trailer air supply and may be combined with any of an array of wheel-end configurations and spindles available for Intraax and Vantraax.

For more details, contact Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems, 2070 Industrial Place SE, Canton OH 44707-2641.

Bully adds side steps to line

Bully Truck Accessories has added a new universal multi-level adjustable side step to its truck accessory line. This bolt-on side step is made of T-304 mirror-polished 3" stainless steel tubing with non-slip, high-impact plastic pads bracketed with a pair of 3/8"-thick polished aluminum braces. The side step is designed for a universal fit and easy installation.

For more details, contact Bully, 768 S Turnbull Canyon Rd, City of Industry CA 91745.

More torque for Power Stroke

International Truck and Engine Corp and Ford Motor Co now offer increased torque in the Power Stroke diesel engine. The engine, available in Ford's Super Duty F-Series pickups, Econoline vans, and Excursion sport utility vehicles, provides 525 ft-lb of torque at 1,600 rpm on automatic transmission-equipped models. The updated powertrain is rated at 250 horsepower.

International has produced more than 1,500,000 Power Stroke diesel engines since the engine's introduction in 1994. Since then, 98.9% of all Power Stroke diesel trucks are still on the road, says the company.

PowerBox fits three devices in small space of truck bed

The PowerBox packs a generator, compressor, and welder into a stainless steel case that is compact, weather-resistant, and occupies only one-third of a standard truck bed.

Measuring 34½" deep from the truck cab, the PowerBox weighs 1,200 pounds and leaves enough clearance for the entire truck bed to carry cargo. It installs using six bolts and a special sling kit. This sling kit also can be used to move the PowerBox to any place on a job site.

The PowerBox comes in three standard models: PB325-20K, PB370-23K, and PB415-25K. All models come standard with 10-gallon air tanks, air outlets (1/4 and 3/8 couplings), battery, electric starter, stainless steel fuel tank, semi-automatic condensate purge, remote oil drain for the engine, control panel, and main cover lockable lid.

For more details, contact Dynamic Power Source, PO Box 936, New Albany IN 47151.

V-Damp sound deadeners let vibration be sprayed away

Daubert Chemical Co, a subsidiary of Daubert Industries Inc, provides V-Damp sound deadeners, a line of viscoelastic, sprayable-liquid sound dampers for industries where vibrational resonance conditions of metal need to be reduced. The V-Damp (vibration damping) product line includes V-Damp 3680, which passes ASTM E-162, Surface Flammability of Materials Using a Radiant Panel Heat Energy Source, as well as NFPA 258.

V-Damp sound deadeners are also useful in applications where dissipation of structure-borne vibrational energy and reduction of airborne noise is important. Other offerings are V-Damp 2220, a water-based acrylic product formulated as an aerosol concentrate; and V-Damp 2560, a modified SBR rubber blend with 20% recycle content.

For full details, contact Daubert Chemical, 4700 S Central Ave, Chicago IL 60638.

Pickup cover has lifetime limited warranty

Agri-Cover Inc of Jamestown ND has announced that the Access roll-up pickup cover now comes with a lifetime limited warranty. The Access cover rolls up in seconds and stores neatly behind the cab for easy hauling. It closes in seconds and functions well in all seasons. For more information, contact Agri-Cover, PO Box 508, Jamestown ND 58402-0508.

Yokohama develops long-haul trailer tire

Yokohama Tire Corp is releasing its newest long-haul trailer tire — the RY587 MSC, which reduces suspension component wear and irregular tire wear, using technology developed on steer axle tires like the RY637.

The new tire also uses Yokohama's Stress-wear Control Groove (SCG), which reduces tire and suspension component wear by minimizing pressure at the edge of the tread. Stone ejector ribs prevent stones from reaching the bottom of the groove where premature casing damage can start.

Yokohama designed a Belt Edge Cushion and Edge Cover Sheet that bond together and allow steel belt flexibility. The company also incorporated a fuel-efficient rubber compound into the RY587 MSC. The compound provides long wear and reducing rolling resistance — without sacrificing grip.

Casing design is based on a computer-generated casing profile to maximize overall tire life by reducing heat and internal tire stress. The RY587 MSC is designed using existing Yokohama Strain Energy Minimization (STEM) technology.

Tire design also includes enhanced wet traction. A five-rib tread design allows for effective water evacuation from under the tread, reducing hydroplaning. Extra-deep sipes maintain a sharp edge effect, boosting wet grip until late stages of wear.

For more details, contact Yokohama, 601 S. Acacia Ave, Fullerton CA 92831.

Tire Topper keeps tools near but not in the way

Kiene Diesel's Tire Topper keeps tools and small parts at arm's reach in a tool tray atop a vehicle wheel. The Tire Topper's “gripper edge” legs keep the tray firmly in place on any size tire including duals. A non-skid tray surface keeps tools and parts from sliding off.

The tray is big enough for tools and parts but small enough to stay out of the way. Legs quickly fold up and lock in place, making this tool easy to carry and store. Made of heavy-gauge powdercoated steel, the Tire Topper resists rust and corrosion.

To obtain more details, contact Kiene, 325 S Fairbank St, Addison IL 60101.

Landoll traveling axle trailer has load angle as low as 6.6°

Landoll Corp's new 400 Series traveling axle trailer is offered in either tandem or triple axle. It comes in 48', 50', or 53' lengths with a 10'-1" spread axle and load angle as low as 6.6° for accessible loading of paving equipment.

The 400 provides adequate clearance for loading manlifts from lower to upper deck. The 410 triple-axle model's standard equipment includes a 12,000-lb worm-gear winch, Neway 22,500-lb axles, 4S2M antilock braking system, two 6" × 3" tilt cylinders, flat approach plate with six keyhole tiedown, and crossmember spacing with 8" centers using a 4" junior I-beam. The deck is rated at 70,000 pounds in 10 feet. Lengths available include 48', 50', and a California 50'. The deck height is 38" loaded.

The 425 model is a tandem-axle, 41' long, 102" wide, and rated at 35-ton capacity. Optional aluminum pullouts can increase overall available width to 13'. Crossmembers consist of a 4" × 4" tube on 16" centers. Goodyear tires, hub-pilot wheels with outboard brake drums, and twin upper deck mounted in-deck lockable toolboxes are standard equipment along with 1⅜" hardwood apitong decking. The trailer is a four-beam design with fabricated 100,000-psi-yield material.

The 400 series trailers can be pulled with either a single- or tandem-axle tractor. For more details, contact Landoll, 1900 North St, Marysville KS 66508.

Extended-cab conversion built for GM chassis

Monroe Truck Equipment Inc (MTE) is offering an extended-cab conversion on the GM Topkick/Kodiak (C4500/-C5500/C6500/C7500/C8500) chassis. This cab extension is designed to accommodate chassis ordered with or without factory rear wall trim (E89). All windows, seats, and seat belts meet FMVSS regulations. Features include:

  • 24" cab extension (24" reduction in CA after conversion)
  • Electrogalvanized exterior sheet metal
  • Undercoated underside of cab
  • One-piece insulated floor mat
  • Additional GM dome light for extension
  • GM fold-down three-person rear seat
  • Gray interior only
  • GM fixed or sliding rear window
  • Tinted non-opening side windows
  • Additional GM rear cab mount

The Extended Cab Conversion can be used in conjunction with the Versa-Hauler towing body as pictured.

Options include gooseneck hitches, electric brake control and plug for four- and six-wheel trailer, Holland fifthwheel hitch, and Rhino Linings floor. For more information, contact MTE, 1051 W 7th St, Monroe WI 53566.

Mercedes-Benz engines for walk-in vans

Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp is offering the Mercedes-Benz MBE900 engine for walk-in vans. Available in a four-cylinder, 4.3-liter version, the MBE900 is now standard on the MT-45 walk-in van chassis. Two ratings are offered: 170 horsepower at 2,300 rpm and 190 hp at 2,300 rpm. Peak torque is 420 ft-lb at 1,400 rpm for the 170-hp rating and 520 ft-lb at 1,400 rpm for the 190-hp rating. The MT-45 chassis features gross vehicle weight (GVW) ratings from 14,500 to 19,000 pounds and accepts bodies to 22 feet in load length and volumes to 950 cubic feet. Payload capacity can reach 10,000 pounds.

The four-cylinder MBE900 will be offered on the MT-55 walk-in van chassis in first-quarter 2003; 170- and 190-hp ratings also will be offered. The MT-55 has GVW ratings from 20,500 to 29,000 pounds and accepts bodies with more than 1,200 cubic feet of volume and payloads to 15,500 pounds.

Engineered by DaimlerChrysler Powersystems, MBE900 engines comply with United States Environmental Protection Agency and California emissions regulations. Low-Emission Vehicle (LEV) MBE900 engines also are available.

The MBE900 carries a warranty of three years/150,000 miles for walk-in van use. Parts and service support will be available through the Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp service network and Detroit Diesel distributor locations across North America.

Minimizer adds 2201 to ranks

The new Minimizer 2201 full fender from Spray Control Systems Inc (SCSI) is designed for all Class 7 and 8 truck and trailer applications. Made of high-density polyethylene material, the 2201 is impervious to chemicals, heat, cold, bumps, and dings.

The Minimizer line now has a fender that will cover each axle individually whatever the tire size. Made of molded plastic, the Minimizer won't dent, because its Forever Shape allows a dented fender to pop back to its original form. Fenders come in four standard colors: black, white, silver-gray, and red; custom colors available on fleet orders.

For more information, contact SCSI, Route 3, Box 247C, Blooming Prairie MN 55917.

Container chassis suspension built for trailers with I-beams

Tuthill Transport Technologies' new container chassis suspension, the ReycoGranning Model 86CC, is designed for use with container chassis trailers with I-beams. Using 7-gauge (.179-inch) material, the 86CC is built for single-, tandem-, tridem-, and quad-axle applications.

The suspension comes in ride heights up to 19" with capacity to 25,000 pounds per axle. Options include conventional or inverted U-bolts with multiple spring choices, and an optional special torque arm improves axle hop experienced during braking. The wear pad design optimizes weight savings and performance.

An increased rubber volume in torque arm bushings reduces stress during twists and delivers extended component life. The company provides a full five-year/500,000-mile limited warranty with each system. For more information, contact Tuthill, 2715 N Airport Commerce, Springfield MO 65803.

Two low-maintenance brake packages offered by Peterbilt

Peterbilt Motors Co is providing new low-maintenance brake packages for its full product line. Two low-maintenance brake systems are available.

The Dana LMS Lube Free package:

  • Requires no periodic brake maintenance for three years/350,000 miles.

  • Eliminates brake and auto slack lubrication.

  • Has a three-year/350,000 mile warranty for on-highway applications.

  • Warranty covers wearable items such as seals and bushings.

The Dana LMS Low Lube package:

  • Increases brake and auto slack lube intervals to 250,000 miles.

  • Has a three-year/350,000 mile warranty for on-highway applications.

  • Warranty covers wearable items such as seals and bushings.

For full details, contact Peterbilt, 1700 Woodbrook St, Denton TX 76205-7684.

SB-400 quickly pulls down the temperature — so deep-frozen cargo remains that way

Thermo King Corp designed the newest refrigeration unit in its SB truckload series with deep-frozen cargo in mind. The SB-400 features high cooling capacity at low temperatures and fast temperature pulldown while providing superior fuel efficiency.

Standard features include the MP-VI Smart Reefer controller with OptiSet temperature management system, maintenance-reducing EMI-3000 system, electronic throttling valve, on-board data acquisition system with Wintrac software, Whisper-quiet package, the S-391 screw compressor, and a 12,000-hour coolant. Options include remote automatic data retrieval of the R:Com system, the in-cab controller for Smart Reefer, and the PrimAir bulkhead and FlexAir duct system.

At 100° F ambient, the SB-400 delivers 60,000 Btu/hour at 35° F, 40,000 at 0° F, and 30,000 at -20° F.

Equipped with the S-391 screw compressor, the SB-400 uses twin rotor screws to compress refrigerant to achieve its capacity and an extra suction port capacity booster to generate higher capacity for deep frozen loads. The S-391 has 80% fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors. The position of its two capacity control ports is controlled automatically in response to the required level of capacity: closed for maximum pulldown, half open for power-saving capacity control around set point, and fully open for critical temperature control at set point.

The MP-VI Smart Reefer microprocessor controller is designed for pre-trip to ongoing diagnostics. Up/down arrows and keys give ready access to commonly used operations.

With OptiSet, up to 10 predetermined conditions for regularly carried cargo can be pre-programmed.

Thermo King's data acquisition system maintains a log of cargo temperatures and unit operating conditions. The optional R:Com system allows data to be transmitted automatically via radio frequency from the unit to a base station. Wintrac software operates with the data loggers for set-up and viewing of temperature parameters, setting trip headers, downloads at the end of the trip, and the option to view data in graph or table form.

The EMI-3000 system reduces scheduled maintenance cost up to 45%. It extends the SB-400's maintenance intervals for oil, oil filer, air cleaner, and fuel/water separator from 1,500 to 3,000 hours. The EMI-3000 reduces environmental impact with less spillage and waste, and reduces clean-up and disposal cost.

The PrimAir bulkhead and FlexAir duct system, constructed of polyethylene material, distributes conditioned air to all corners of the cargo. R:Com allows remote retrieval of data stored in the datalogger as the reefer unit passes by a base station.

An in-cab controller for Smart Reefer option lets the user set and monitor temperatures, perform a pre-trip, or change a set point for a new load from inside the cab.

For more details, contact Thermo King, 314 W 90th St, Minneapolis MN 55420-3693.

Gunite Corp will provide new line of hubs

Gunite Corp plans to offer a complete line of high-performance/low-maintenance hubs available with either the Dana Spicer LMS hub system or the Stemco Advantage System.

This line of hubs offers lighter weight, lower maintenance costs, and proven performance by combining the latest bearing and seal technology with Gunite's structural design and advanced metallurgy. Users get the advantages of Gunite's conventional ductile iron hubs plus optimum bearing life and elimination of seal failure.

The new hubs are available for all popular axle configurations for steer, drive, and trailer applications. For further details, contact Gunite, 302 Peoples Ave, Rockford IL 61108.

Single-pole connector offers electrical power

Cole Hersee Co provides its single-pole power connector for trucking applications. The connector is suitable for providing electrical power from a truck to electrical devices on a trailer, or free-standing equipment.

This connector consists of a socket and plug, each encased in a die-cast housing. Solid brass contacts are used to provide proper connection. The socket's spring-loaded door protects terminals from dirt and moisture.

Contact Cole Hersee, 20 Old Colony Ave, Boston MA 02127-2467 for complete details.

Gunite adds coating to protect brake rotors

A new series of disc brake rotors from Gunite Corp are finished with the application of a high-performance coating to protect the rotor surface from corrosion.

This has been done to prevent corrosion of the exciter teeth, which are machined into the disc brake rotors. If corrosion occurs on the surface of the exciter teeth, the sensor could improperly read the surface configuration and shut down the antilock braking system. By applying this coating, corrosive effects of road salt and other elements are eliminated. This treatment also helps protect the entire rotor surface, reducing the potential for damage to other ABS components during brake maintenance.

For complete details, contact Gunite, 302 Peoples Ave, Rockford IL 61108.

UniMax front axle lowers maintenance, raises payload

The new UniMax front axle from Mack Trucks Inc minimizes maintenance requirements and increases payload capacities, while providing operators new levels of control and stability.

Available in 18,000- and 20,000-lb capacities, UniMax has unitized wheel hubs that virtually eliminate axle maintenance costs. Wheel hubs are permanently sealed with synthetic long-lasting grease providing protection and lubrication for wheel seals and bearings. Unitized hubs eliminate endplay adjustments to reduce maintenance further. The lightweight UniMax allows operators to optimize payload capacities with no sacrifice in axle durability. Additional features include new levels of control and stability while operating at severe-duty sites. This control feature is the result of the new, tapered kingpin design that, again, requires no adjustments.

For full details, contact Mack, 2100 Mack Blvd, Box M, Allentown PA 18105-5000.

Transcraft trailers get new suspension, floor

Transcraft has updated all 2003 model trailers with a redesigned suspension system and a new interlocking aluminum floor system.

The new standard suspension design reduces stresses in critical structural and frameweld areas. Triangular gussets, combined with outside web stiffeners, distribute suspension side loading over the full main beam depth.

The suspension mounting system also incorporates a K-type structural-bracing assembly between axles. This assembly reduces parallelagramming, the shifting of beams fore and aft relative to each other, which is induced by a drag or tight turn. Testing of this new system indicates improvement toward eliminating suspension frame cracks in normal operating cycles.

Transcraft's new interlocking aluminum floor system is stronger, lighter, and yet more rigid than previous floors.

The floor is installed with Grade 8 floor screws that tie the three interlocking flanges of the floorboards to the flange of each floor sill. Screws are coated with a 3M adhesive locking material that resists screw backout. This interlocking design enables the unit to react like a one-piece full-width flange of a beam, which reduces side bending.

To prevent high stress concentrations in the frame, the lateral load is spread throughout the length of the trailer with Transcraft's lower crossmember frame design. Use of lightweight aluminum means a weight reduction of 90 pounds compared with the firm's previous aluminum floor.

This aluminum flooring system soon will be available with a non-slip knurled floor option to help eliminate movement of loads in transit. For complete details, contact Transcraft, PO Box 500, Anna IL 62906.

Attachment can help reduce tire damage

SweepEx, a division of TrynEx International, has a new heavy-duty magnetic bar attachment that can pick up nails, screws, steel shards, and other metal refuse, increasing jobsite safety while reducing tire damage on service vehicles.

Attachable to the entire line of SweepEx modular broom accessories, the magnet comes in three lengths: 48", 60", and 72". Mounted in an aluminum casing, the magnet is suitable for general construction sites, trucking terminals, shipping facilities and anywhere else metal debris poses a hazard. The industrial-strength magnet can pick up debris from as high as 5" from the road or floor surface.

The magnet assembly fastens to the SweepEx broom frame and hangs in front of the bristles using a chain-mount system. This non-rigid mount allows the magnet to adjust when encountering obstacles so no damage occurs during use.

For full details, contact TrynEx, 23455 Regency Park Dr, Warren MI 48089.

Cleaner extends life of seven-pole plugs

Cole Hersee Co's Plug Cleaner for seven-pole tractor-trailer plugs extends the life of these plugs and improves electrical current flow by cleaning corroded plug contacts in seconds.

The Plug Cleaner cleans with its seven stainless steel wire brushes, spaced to fit into the plug. The ground terminal brush is wider and slightly longer than the other six brushes to ensure an exact fit, guaranteeing a corrosion-free surface. An easy-grip plastic handle is provided, and a snap-on housing covers the stainless steel brushes. For more information, contact Cole Hersee, 20 Old Colony Ave, Boston MA 02127-2467.

Install vinyl graphics without special tools

Tara Advertising Systems (TAS) introduces FastTracks, a patent-pending graphics mounting system that is quickly and easily installed on trucksides, walls, or billboards. This system allows vinyl graphics to be installed and changed quickly without using any special tools.

FastTracks eliminates the costs and downtime of removing old adhesive graphics, cleaning, prepping, and reapplying the graphics. The system enables a new vinyl to be snapped into place and the truck to be in service in a fraction of the time.

Because of an alliance with Tara Graphics, the mounting system and graphics can be ordered at the same time. For full details, contact TAS, 2294 Old 431 Hwy, Owens Cross Roads AL 35763.

Tool troubleshoots transmission problems

Allison Transmission offers Allison DOC for PDA (WTEC), a Palm PDA (personal digital assistant)-based diagnostic software application. This diagnostic tool supports control systems for the Allison MD 3000, HD 4000, B300, B400, B500, 3000 MH, 4000 MH, T 200, T 300, and T 400 using World Transmission Electronic Controls (WTEC II and WTEC III).

DOC for PDA (WTEC) lets a technician use a hand-held PDA to access diagnostic data from the transmission control system and systematically troubleshoot transmission problems. The system can be used with or without Allison's PC-based diagnostic tool (ATDT Version 1.1 or the product's later-generation DOC for PC Version 2.0 or later).

This application allows operators to gather data from the electronic controls of Allison's World Transmissions. The tool collects data via a Snapshot function. After collection, these Snapshot files can be transferred via Palm HotSync to the user's PC, where they can be e-mailed.

US 45 Series lamp comes with either red or yellow lens

Grote Industries' new US 45 Series rectangular stop/tail/turn lamp comes with a red lens when used as a stop/tail/turn lamp (part #52202). It is also available with a yellow lens when used as a double-function, turn and marker lamp (part #52203) or with either yellow or red when used only as a turn signal or stop lamp (part #52233 in yellow and #52232 in red).

The US 45 Series rectangular lamp has a vibration-resistant bulb-mounting system for longer lamp life. A hermetic lens-to-housing seal prevents water and dirt from entering the lamp and causing premature failure. The lamp comes with a standard female pin connection to simplify replacing old lamps.

For more information, contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250.

TT has 12% more brake lining

Express Brake International's new TT Brake Shoe System now fits both tractors and trailers that have 4515 or 4707 (Q and Q+) brakes.

Once installed, this brake system allows the brakes to be relined without pulling off the wheels or the drums in 90% of most applications. The system has 12% more lining, thus reducing downtime. It is designed to fit the circumference of the drum perfectly, immediately increasing stopping ability. The design also provides up to double the use and life of the drum.

Contact Express Brake, 3890 NW Gainesville Rd, Ocala FL 34475 for further information.

TST provides wireless control

Transportation Safety Technologies (TST) has developed a new wireless control system with applications for the transportation industry.

The first application is being used to operate winches on carrier vehicles. The two-function wireless remote is being installed on wreckers for Jerr-Dan Corp, which is marketing the device to the wrecker industry.

The remote allows tow operators to manipulate their winch remotely.

For more details, contact TST, 2400 Roosevelt Ave, Indianapolis IN 46218.

System carries baggage to more secure level

Encrypta Electronics has teamed with Marco Trailers, which builds containers for transporting luggage, to create the Encrypt ExpressLok system. Each wheeled container has an internal volume of 1.5 cubic meters and is manufactured from high-tensile steel. Built into the door is a custom-designed slam lock incorporating Encrypta's electronic seal that automatically generates a four-digit random number — which acts as a seal number — every time the door is closed. The number remains unchanged until the door is opened, thus enabling any unauthorized opening to be noticed immediately. In addition, the seal records time and date of each opening and closing for audit purposes in such cases and may be tracked using infrared.

Contact Encrypta, Waterside Court, Albany St, Newport, South Wales NP20 5NT for more details.

Low-voltage disconnect systems upgraded

Intra Technologies has upgraded its low-voltage disconnect systems to make it easier for drivers to manage battery power consumption while a truck is parked.

The new LVD has a timing feature that warns the driver with a series of audible alarms before electrical power is shut off.

Like the standard LVD, the new version is designed to preserve battery power needed to start the engine. Using patented Intra technology, the LVD monitors battery levels during key-off periods, automatically disconnecting non-critical power loads when battery voltage hits critical levels.

An LVD also extends battery life by protecting batteries from a deep discharge. Watson said the industry average for battery life is 18 months or less. If deep discharges are avoided, batteries can last three years or more.

The LVD can be installed in any truck by a qualified technician in less than an hour. It will soon be available as an option on most new truck brands. For further details, contact Intra, 725 Industry Dr, Tukwila WA 98188.

Slim-Line LED helps brighten Peterson line

Peterson Manufacturing Co has added the new Model 168 Slim-Line clearance/side marker light to its Piranha brand LED line. Less than 3" wide, the two-diode mini LED is small in both size and cost. Its twin-diodes are housed in a sealed light that operates from 8 to 16 volts and includes separate lead and ground wires for ease of installation. Available in amber or red, the 168 may be surface-mounted with or without brackets. A multi-volt version is also available. For more information, contact Peterson, 4200 E 135th St, Grandview MO 64030.

Overhead equipment racks for trucks, vans

Buyers Products Co has a new heavy-duty line of overhead equipment racks for trucks and vans. The selection includes five styles of truck racks and three versions for vans. All are constructed of 14-gauge steel with a powdercoat finish.

Part Number 1501040 is designed to fit any pickup truck, through a system of strategically placed set bolts and telescoping tubes. With adjustable width and length, the rack extends up to 10 feet long. Quick-release locking pins allow the rear bar to be removed to accommodate higher loads. The rack mounts to the bed rails (1,500-lb capacity), and includes alternative brackets to mount with a camper shell (750-lb capacity).

Three truck rack models are offered for heavy-duty use. Each has an overall length of 152" and features adjustable cross rails and removable rear bars. Part Number 1501010 mounts directly to the bed floor and has a 1,500-lb capacity. Part Number 1501020 (27" posts) and 1501025 (32" posts) both mount to the bed rails (1,000-lb capacity) and include alternative brackets to mount with a camper shell (750-lb capacity).

Designed for lighter duty or occasional use, Part Number 1501070 installs and removes in seconds. The system mounts in the front and rear corners of either side of the pickup truck bed. Support arms telescope from 24" to 36" with a 250-lb capacity.

Three styles of van racks come in black or white powdercoat finish. Part Number 1502005 (black) and 1502008 (white) adjust from 52½" to 66½" wide and have 5"-wide uprights made from 3/16"-thick plate steel. The rack mounts to the rain gutters and accommodates an 800-lb load. An optional third bar is available.

Part Number 1502020 (black) and 1502023 (white) adjust from 41" to 72" wide and have 4"-wide uprights made from 3/16"-thick plate steel. The rack mounts to the rain gutters and accommodates a 600-lb load. An optional third bar is available.

Part Number 1502055 (black) and 1502058 (white) adjust from 34" to 66" wide. The rack mounts directly to the van roof and accommodates a 300-lb load.

For more information, contact Buyers Products, 9049 Tyler Blvd, Mentor OH 44060.

Bendix air disc brake weighs 30 pounds less

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC's North American version air disc brake, the ADB 225, will be 30 pounds lighter per wheel end compared with the company's current air disc brake, which employs European technology. The ADB 225 for 22.5" wheels, now undergoing testing, is expected to hit the market in first-quarter 2004.

The company reduced the weight primarily by eliminating component mass associated with compounding, a European standard allowing the two separate apply systems for the service brake and the emergency brake. With typical anti-compounding air systems in the United States, Bendix has designed a system specific to North America that eliminates the extra weight.

Bendix says the ADB 225 stops 39% shorter than drum brakes. This reduction exceeds the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration's nine-step program recommendations for a 30% improvement in stopping distance by 2007.

The ADB 225 has a streamlined design, a more efficient force multiplier, less than 10% hysterisis, and works well with ABS.

For more information, contact Bendix, 901 Cleveland St, Elyria OH 44035.

VN trucks can ride on Airtek suspensions

Hendrickson's Airtek front axle and air suspension is now offered on Volvo's new VN Series truck models.

These vehicles feature Airtek as the standard front axle and suspension system on VNL 630, 670, and 780 models. Fleets and owner-operators may specify Airtek as an option on small sleeper and day cab VNL models, as well as all VNM models.

Airtek testings show improvements of up to 21% in ride and 19% in roll stability compared with traditional steel spring and I-beam axle front suspensions. Airtek is also up to 139 pounds lighter than these suspensions.

This suspension is available from Volvo in 12,000-, 12,500-, 13,200-, and 14,600-lb capacities and is standard with unitized wheel ends. Unitized hubs reduce maintenance intervals and contribute to lowering system weight.

For more information, contact Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems, 800 S Frontage Rd, Woodridge IL 60517-4904.

Spectrum brings cooling efficiency to trucks

Thermo King's new Spectrum TS multi-temperature refrigeration system for trucks uses new Spectrum remote evaporators, a scroll compressor, and the Spectrum controller. These help provide tighter temperature control, faster temperature pull-down and recovery, higher capacities, fuel efficiency, and less maintenance and costs.

Spectrum remote evaporators offer up to 35% more capacity than existing units. The result is up to 20% faster pull-down and up to 25% more airflow.

Featuring Thermo King's Smart Set technology, the Spectrum TS allows temperatures to be maintained within a tight band, helping minimize dehydration and allowing produce to be delivered fresh.

This system provides a low noise level by using Whisper Technology. The DAS (Data Acquisition System) offers total load temperature records and is a factory-installed option.

With 85% fewer moving parts, the scroll compressor provides reliability and a longer life. Because of the compressor's efficiency, the system burns less fuel. The new Spectrum controller fits in the dash for driver accessibility and has multipurpose buttons that can even be used with gloved hands. It displays critical alarms, and provides text and graphic information to the driver, in multiple languages if required.

EMI-2000 is standard on the Spectrum TS, providing a more than 60% reduction in the frequency of scheduled maintenance and a more than 25% reduction in lifetime scheduled maintenance costs. Contact Thermo King, 314 W 90th St, Minneapolis MN 55420-3693 for more information.

Lift axle air control kit boosts consistency

Hendrickson is now producing a faster-flowing, more consistent lift axle air control kit, AKAD1001. An independent electric or manual lift axle control approved for Intraax and HT Series liftable suspensions, AKAD1001 delivers an increased flow rate and other product improvements compared with the AK-127-1.

AKAD1001 nearly doubles the airflow factor while improving performance in extreme temperature conditions. The air control was tested from -40° to 180° F.

Producing consistent air supply pressure, the kit features a more accurate and readable liquid-filled gauge and improved corrosion resistance and durability.

The kit comes with a ball valve, pilot valve, solenoid valve, gauge, and regulator fitted in a fiberglass-reinforced enclosure. Pilot ports and potential water traps face down or are placed above exhaust ports to help prevent water from collecting.

Tests prove the ball-valve design and poppet-style solenoid valve superior to spool-type valves for operations in extreme temperatures and poor air quality. The regulator controls the load carried by the lift axle. Hendrickson continues to offer the AK-127-1 for applications that require a stainless steel enclosure.

For more details, contact Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems, 2070 Industrial Place SE, Canton OH 44707-2641.

Service body evolves to fill changing needs

The Service Trucks International (STI) Model 2252 service body has been redesigned to meet ever-changing needs of the end user. An increase in body length allows for more payload and gives cabinets even more storage capacity. The larger-capacity cabinet pressurization system includes high-performance air filters and motors. A full-height crane tower incorporates two cabinets into one. The step-on workbench is a full 6" to permit easier and safer access to the back of the body. All cabinet and treadplate material on the Model 2252 is galvanneal. A centralized fuse panel simplifies troubleshooting and fuse replacement.

For more information, contact STI, 877 1st Ave NW, Sioux Center IA 51250.

Two lamps aren't always better than one

Because Grote Industries' SuperNova Three-Inch PC LED lamp meets the Society of Automotive Engineers PC rating, only one is required at each trailer front corner instead of two. This means fewer lamps, brackets, and pigtails are needed per trailer.

The new lamp also has a replaceable lens. Lamps in the front corner are subject to breakage from tree branches. With the Three-Inch PC Lamp, it's possible to replace only the broken lens without scrapping the entire lamp.

Offered in red and yellow versions, the lamp offers savings over incandescent lamp options. SuperNova lamps last longer than incandescent lamps. They use a bulletproof potting compound to protect against dirt and moisture, eliminate failure points with Advanced Pin Connection System terminals, and offer plug-and-go technology for quick interchanges with incandescent lamps. When used with a Grote Ultra-Blue-Seal wiring harness, SuperNova LED lamps will last the life of a trailer.

The lamp uses four diodes in a simple, flat circuit board design. The optics, which cast light in a bright 180° arc necessary to cover the corner and meet the PC photometric requirement, are all incorporated in the lens. For more information, contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250.

Pacer adds cab roof lights to Hi Five line

Pacer Performance Products has a new addition to its Hi Five line of cab roof conversion light kits.

The new design incorporates the three middle marker lights in one housing with two additional clearance lights for either side of the truck roof.

Built to fit any cab roof, the kit comes in a clamshell package complete with all necessary wiring and connectors.

For more information, contact Pacer, 5345 San Fernando Rd West, Los Angeles CA 90039.

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