Product Focus: Hydraulic Systems and Controls

Eaton offers A-frame Global Gear Pumps

Eaton Corp has expanded its gear pump portfolio with the addition of A-frame Global Gear Pumps (GGPs). Offered through Eaton's Hydraulics Operations, the new pumps satisfy global demand for gear pumps that are smaller, quieter, competitively priced, and operate at 280 bar or 4,000 pounds per square inch (psi).

These A-frame GGPs come in two families:

  • AEG Aluminum Series — floating bushing, pressure-balanced design with a high-strength extruded aluminum body and cast iron end cap and mounting flange

  • AEK Cast Iron Series — fixed bushings, pressure-balanced design with high-strength cast-iron construction throughout

New Eaton GGPs offer features such as high-efficiency gear profiles; 12-tooth, low-noise and low-pressure ripple gear design; and SAE, DIN, and ISO flanges, shafts, and ports. The pumps are suitable for applications including turf care, agricultural tractors and harvesters, lift trucks, skid steer loaders, and salt and sand spreaders.

Technical information for Eaton GGPs is included in Bulletin E-PUGE-MR002-E, available on the Eaton web site at

DewEze supplies clutch pump for ‘08 Fords

For the newest Ford diesel engine, DewEze offers its 2008 Ford 6.4-liter diesel engine hydraulic clutch pump installation. This unit is ready for installation on the newest tow trucks, aerial lift trucks, bale beds, and snow removal applications.

The kit, for which a patent has been applied, is available now. Like all DewEze clutch pump kits, this one is designed to provide an original equipment fit to enhance the underhood appearance of a new truck.

Contact Harper Industries Inc, 151 E Hwy 160, Harper KS 67058 for more details.

Hydraulic worm gear winch a compact unit

Ramsey Winch Co introduces the new HY-800 hydraulic worm gear winch, which features a short coupling and low-profile style shifter. This winch offers a more compact design to fit a variety of heavy-duty industrial applications.

The new HY-800 is shorter and narrower than its standard HY-800 counterpart. Overall height of the HY-800 has been reduced by 6.22" by using the new low-profile shifter, and the overall width has been reduced by 4.69" with the addition of the short coupler.

For more information, e-mail [email protected].

True Feather hoist controls a J&J option

J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers, a division of Somerset Welding & Steel Inc, is installing True Feather hoist controls on its commercial dump truck bodies. Air feather valves are becoming a popular mechanism to raise and lower the hoist on commercial dump bodies. In the past, controlling the speed or “feathering” the hoist with standard air feather valves when raising and lowering the dump body was often difficult and prone to unpredictable hoist behavior.

The new True Feather option allows the operator to have better control over the speed of the hoist to slow the descent of the body, gradually reducing the impact shock to the hydraulic system as well as the mechanical shock to the hoist, body, and chassis. E-mail [email protected] for more information.

Scotchman DO 120 does double duties

Scotchman Industries is providing the Dual Operator 120-ton hydraulic ironworker. The DO 120 has the capacity punch and a 12" throat depth, which can punch a 1½" hole in 1" material. This dual operator machine has a hydraulic system designed with two pumps to ensure full hydraulic pressure and speed to both operations, as well as two valves, two stroke controls, and two remote foot pedals.

The DO 120/200-24M is made in America with many standard features that include 6" × 6" × 1/2" angle shear and a rectangular notcher that can notch 3" × 5¾" through 1/2" material. The 24" flat bar shear features a low rake angle and has the ability to shear up to 1" × 6" and 1/2" × 24" material.

This machine also accepts optional equipment such as press brakes, rod shear, tube shears, picket tools, as well as special tooling.

E-mail Peggy Palecek at [email protected] for further details.

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