PolyOne Corp renews contract with Schneider Logistics

Schneider Logistics Inc., an international lead logistics provider, announced that PolyOne Corp. has extended its contract for an additional three years effective January 1, 2005.

Under the contract, the $2 billion polymer-services company will continue to take advantage of Schneider’s transportation management, freight payment services, proprietary supply chain technology and business intelligence tools, enabling PolyOne to increase efficiency, reduce transportation costs and improve customer service.

“Schneider’s expertise in carrier and rate management, plus excellent service-performance reporting capabilities, has enabled us to keep carrier costs lower than our competitors and deliver improved service to our customers,” said Steve Feliccia, director of corporate logistics at PolyOne. “Schneider consistently meets the distinctive transportation needs of our business units, provides a full scope of business intelligence tools and offers deployable, reliable access to transportation capacity.”

Since January 2003, PolyOne has worked with Schneider to schedule and route deliveries, negotiate contracts to stabilize cost structures and establish new carrier performance measurement standards. The company also uses Schneider Payment Services to manage payments for all PolyOne freight, including rail and bulk shipments not directed by Schneider. Overall, PolyOne’s relationship with Schneider has enabled it to consolidate carriers and keep deliveries on track by maximizing routing, optimizing loads and establishing connections to shipping facilities.

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