Pierce puts side roll protection on fire chassis

Oshkosh Truck Corp's fire truck subsidiary, Pierce Manufacturing Inc, has teamed with IMMI to introduce the first side roll protection system for fire apparatus. As of mid-2003. IMMI's RollTek side roll protection is standard equipment for all Pierce Dash, Lance, and Enforcer chassis. By early 2004, RollTek also will be standard on the Quantum.

Using a microprocessor-controlled, solid-state sensing device, the system detects a side roll, and then provides instantaneous passenger protection.

The system automatically tightens seat belts, pulls the seat air suspension and front seats down to their lowest position, locks seats down to eliminate movement, and deploys an inflatable tubular airbag across the driver's and first officer's side windows that protects and cushions the head and neck to reduce movement and the chance of head contact with the roof.

TAGS: Truck Bodies
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