Phillips 3 n' 1 assemblies include QCP

Phillips Industries has introduced the new 3 n' 1 electrical and air hose assembly complete with its Quick Connect Plug (QCP) for ease of service. The QCP was developed by Phillips to give vehicle operators an option that reduces time required for field repairs of electrical cables, to just seconds.

The number one reason most electrical cords fail in the field is due to pin push-out in the plug end. Having to unwrap the spiral wrap, used to organize and combine assemblies, just to replace an electrical cable can be very time-consuming. Phillips has a combination electrical and air hose assembly that can be serviced inexpensively without performing this task because the entire electrical cable does not need to be replaced. The QCP cartridge can be removed and replaced, getting the vehicle back in operation quickly with minimal cost and time.

Phillips new 3 n' 1 assemblies have large grips for coupling and uncoupling leverage, swivel-end brass fittings, kink and abrasion resistance, and include a hanging clip for installation. They are available from Phillips-authorized dealers in 12-, 15-, and 20-foot lengths for ABS or non-ABS applications.

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