Peterbilt’s Model 579 Receives SmartWay Stamp

Peterbilt’s new Model 579 has received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) SmartWay designation, joining the company’s lineup of SmartWay vehicles that includes the Model 587, Model 386 with and without LNG, and Model 384.

“After extensive product development and aerodynamic refinement, we are very proud to obtain the SmartWay designation for the Model 579,” said Bill Kozek, Peterbilt General Manager and PACCAR Vice President. “The Model 579 SmartWay-designated vehicle offers integrated aerodynamic features and fuel-efficiency solutions for customers, further demonstrating Peterbilt’s leadership in developing innovative quality products.”

The Peterbilt Model 579 meets SmartWay’s established comprehensive set of fuel-saving, low-emission equipment specifications for new Class 8 long-haul tractors and trailers. Class-8 tractors equipped with the required components and features are considered EPA-designated SmartWay Tractors.

“Fleets are continuously managing diesel price fluctuations, a stronger environmental focus and a desire to recruit and retain the best drivers,” said Kozek. “And the 579 addresses these issues through innovative, advanced technologies, optimized powertrain packaging, including the PACCAR MX engine, and aerodynamic designs.”

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