Peterbilt Model 330 offered with Cabmate air suspension

Peterbilt Motors Co's medium-duty Model 330 is now available with the Cabmate cab air suspension system.

“The new cab air suspension system provides a quieter, smoother ride by absorbing road shock and vibrations,” says Dan Sobic, Peterbilt general manager and Paccar vice-president. “By improving the operating environment, the new system will help operators enjoy reduced fatigue and increased productivity. Additionally, wear and tear is also minimized for the cab structure, reducing maintenance requirements and extending cab life.”

The optional Cabmate cab air suspension is available for both the Class 6 and 7 Model 330 in truck and tractor configurations. It has a design that replaces the solid rear cab mounts with a cushion of air created by air springs, shock absorbers, air leveling valves, and brackets that control cab movement.

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