PennDOT orders hybrid buses from Azure

Azure Dynamics Corporation has received an order from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) for 10 hybrid buses with an option for 15 additional buses at a later date. PennDOT has ordered the 18-passenger Azure/StarTrans Hybrid Para-transit Citibus for delivery in 2008.

The Azure Series-Hybrid CitiBus system specified by PennDOT has such attributes as engine-off driving while electronically supporting key ancillary functions such as air-conditioning, power steering, and braking. The powertrain, with a GM Vortec 4.8L engine, offers more than a 40% improvement in fuel economy and a 30% reduction in carbon emissions in city conditions. This powertrain also offers a 25% reduction in engine maintenance and a 75% reduction in brake maintenance versus conventionally equipped competitors.

The first 10 Azure Dynamics Para-transit hybrid buses ordered by PennDOT will be operated by Rabbit Transit in York County PA and will expand its shared-ride program.

The PennDOT contract was awarded via Arcola Bus Sales.

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