Oshkosh to deliver six trucks to National Guard

Oshkosh Truck Corp. will deliver six Common Bridge Transporters (CBT) based on the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) to the North Dakota Army National Guard 957th Engineer Company tomorrow. In a ceremony to be held on the steps of the state capitol in Bismarck, Oshkosh CEO Robert G. Bohn will present the trucks to Governor John Hoeven and to Major General Michael Haugen, Adjutant General for the state. The 957th Engineer Company transports and deploys bridging units to move troops, equipment and supplies across bodies of water. It is among the first National Guard units in the nation to be equipped with these vehicles and will eventually take delivery of 56 HEMTT-based CBTs and 32 Oshkosh Palletized Load System trailers. The 8x8 truck features a 445-hp electronic engine and five-speed automatic transmission. It can ford four feet of water, climb 60% grades and can be transported by C-130 aircraft wherever the mission demands.

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