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Omnibrake XL Spring Brake Chambers

TSE Brakes has released the Omnibrake XL Series of spring brake chambers. The XL's 1,000-hour “Bulletproof Blue” epoxy powdercoat layer has been applied over the Omnibrake's E-coat finish, on top of TSE's own eight-stage pretreatment layer. Inside the new chamber is also a triple-coated main power spring, as well as triple-coated return springs. The new “reduced-clash” power spring is built using new spring-coiling technology, and by using other TSE design features, delivers reduced stress and promises longer service life. TSE offers this new unit with a six-year warranty to qualified users.

TSE is also introducing its “new concept” long-life diaphragm with the Omnibrake XL Series. This component features enhanced flexibility, improved operating features, and has improved wear characteristics. The package also has high performance O-rings that use new modified polymers and toughened, contaminant-resistant materials to improve scaling. For full details, contact TSE Brakes, 3183 S Parkway Dr, Fresno CA 93726.

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