Old Dominion Opens New Service Center in Georgia

Hugh Morris, Vice President of the Southern region for Old Dominion Freight Line Inc., announced a service center opening in Columbus, Ga. The 21-door facility is located on a 3-acre site at 310 Columbus Manchester Expressway.

According to Morris, the Columbus Service Center will begin operations under the leadership of Service Center Manager Joey Maddox, who will direct a staff of 11.

“The opening of the Columbus Service Center will greatly enhance our presence in the local market,” said Morris. “We will be able to achieve earlier delivery times to our customers in lieu of handling this metro area out of our Atlanta Service Center. Second, we will be able to better serve our customers’ needs on shipments moving from the Columbus, Ga. metro area to the rest of the U.S. as well as global shipments. Having a facility in the Columbus marketplace gives our customers assurance that we can and will be able to respond to their specific needs in a timely manner convenient to them.”

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