Nu Van trailer folds sidewall wings on top

Nu Van Technology, known for its curtainside vans, has a new, faster way of opening a van trailer. Wingo is the Nu Van name for the Wingliner side-opening doors imported from Austria. At the press of a button, the sidewall swings outboard, folds in half, and swings all the way onto the roof, where it lies flat.

Opening of the sidewall is done in 10 seconds on truck bodies and short trailers. However, for 48-ft and 53-ft trailers, two doors are required for each sidewall. The 53-ft Aztec trailer pictured here has four Wingliner doors. They are operated by two electro-hydraulic drive motors on the nose of the van and two on the rear.

Pictured at the controls are Hermann Acker, director of operations at Nu Van, and Thomas Sattler of Wingliner in Salzburg, Austria. Nu Van Technology, P O Box 759, Mansfield TX 76063.

TAGS: Trailers
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