NTEA seeks participants for monthly online truck production survey

The NTEA is seeking participants for a new online survey that will be initiated in 2004 aimed at gathering better data on truck production by gross vehicle weight rating.

Through data that will be collected monthly on NTEA.com, participants in this ongoing research will have more accurate information to help them plan production.

This is a groundbreaking joint project between the OEMs and body and equipment manufacturers that will provide each with monthly production data. NTEA Manufacturer members who wish to participate will be assigned a specific user name and password to access the survey on NTEA.com.

The NTEA will hold all individual company data confidential. More information regarding this initiative will be posted on NTEA.com and sent to members in the near future.

However, if your company is interested in participating, contact NTEA Market Data & Research Director Steve Latin-Kasper at (414) 294-3408, or e-mail at [email protected] for details.

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