NTEA redesigns its own website

The National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) launched a newly redesigned website at www.ntea.com. This redesigned site organizes industry information, new content and better functionality, with a fresh, visually appealing design. The site is updated daily and offers a comprehensive library of technical articles and resources, market research and data, and current legislative and regulatory updates.

New features on NTEA.com include:

  • Site-wide search — Because the content on the site covers a variety of complex subject matter, such as technical and regulatory issues, a site-wide search was implemented to allow visitors quicker access to information. Search functionality includes all types of documents, from HTML pages to .pdfs.

  • Enhanced member log-in — Visitors will now be able to create and change their own user ID and password. If you forgot your password, you can e-mail yourself a reminder.

  • Shop NTEA — The site has an online Storefront that allows both members and non-members to purchase downloadable publications and materials, update account information anytime online, and e-mail a receipt for previous orders.

  • Networking Directory — Members have access to a Networking Directory within the site's Industry Directory that shows a list of all company contacts, job titles, addresses, and phone and fax numbers. Member log-in to the site is required to access the Networking Directory.

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