NTEA creates Louis V Kleinstiver Institute

The National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) recently established The Louis V Kleinstiver Institute. This institute is dedicated to promoting commercial truck and transportation safety through research, training, and seminars, and will award scholarships to post-high school students for engineering and related sciences.

“The institute promotes the production of safe commercial trucks, which is fundamental in supporting the NTEA's mission,” said NTEA Executive Director Jim Carney. “The name of the institute is a tribute to the late Louie Kleinstiver, who was a dedicated and tireless advocate of truck equipment safety knowledge.”

Kleinstiver, who died of cancer in February 2004, served the NTEA and its members for 16 years as director of technical services. He spearheaded various programs and worked to educate manufacturers and distributors on their responsibilities relative to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and the importance of compliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

He was a chief proponent and facilitator in engaging the NTEA and its members in cooperative testing and developing performance standards. Kleinstiver is also credited with developing ASE certification for truck equipment mechanics.

Both individuals and corporations can make financial donations to the institute. Contributions may be sent to The Louis V Kleinstiver Institute, c/o NTEA, 37400 Hills Tech Dr, Farmington Hills MI 48331-3414. For further information, phone Carney at 800-441-NTEA or e-mail [email protected].

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