No SCR for International Engines

International Truck and Engine has announced that its MaxxForce brand diesel engines will meet the 2010 EPA federal emissions standards without the use of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems.

All its core applications are included, which means that no SCR will be required for commercial trucks, school bus, and other mid-range diesel engine uses.

International has spent years studying and evaluating SCR, an emissions after-treatment technology that involves additional vehicle hardware, sensors, electronic calibrations and the use of urea injection, which will require a North American delivery infrastructure to be operationally mature when 2010 vehicles are on the road. While the company has found SCR to be a way to effectively meet 2010 emissions standards, it adds to the cost and complexity of use of commercial vehicles for truck and bus fleet operators.

“I have publicly been an advocate of customer friendly emissions control solutions which do not add additional costs to our truck and bus customers. While SCR is a means to achieve the NOx reduction requirement for 2010, it comes with a steep cost to our customers,” said Daniel C. Ustian, Navistar chairman, president and chief executive officer. “Our ability to achieve our goals without adding customer cost and inconvenience is a competitive advantage for International.”

Instead of SCR, International intends to address 2010 emissions requirements for its core applications through advanced fuel system, air management, combustion and controls. In addition, no incremental NOx after-treatment beyond the current technology will be required on any core International on-highway application in 2010. All MaxxForce on-highway diesel engines used in International’s core applications will be fully certified to the EPA 2010 emission standards.

“This approach will best serve our core customers who value reduced product and service complexity as well as business planning continuity through another period of industry uncertainty,” said Jack Allen, president, International Engine Group. “Coming so soon after 2007 EPA standards, which mandated new engines and after-treatment systems that drove up the price of commercial vehicles, 2010 promises to be a less taxing time for International customers.”

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