NexStar manages crane system operations

Auto Crane, a subsidiary and brand of Ramsey Industries, announced the NexStar crane management system. This patent-pending system is in full production on the full line of hydraulic cranes available from Auto Crane.

NexStar provides fully proportional independent hydraulic valve control, with four different speed settings and the ability to operate multiple functions of the crane at one time. The system is comprised of these three major components:

  • The fully sealed transmitter offers a 70% weight reduction from previous transmitters and is designed for belt clip mounting and one-hand operation. 100% proportional push button control provides multiple speed operation on every crane function independently.

  • The receiver has a LCD that displays a series of readouts that monitor the overall operation of the system. The receiver also manages the output to the hydraulic valve bank.

  • The valve bank works in conjunction with the other components to support the total proportional control and individual crane functions.

NexStar models include the NexStar I and the fully featured NexStar II system that incorporates a 12-button transmitter, three-color status light, and clogged filter indication.

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