New ArvinMeritor suspension

ArvinMeritor announces that its ROR trailer axles (LM, LMC and TM) are available as of December 2002 with a newly designed Flexair air suspension. The new XP9 suspension has a short frame bracket to achieve a nearly horizontal alignment of the pivot and axle in order to optimize the dynamic behavior of the suspension. This also minimizes the tendency for a trailer to move horizontally while being loaded (dock walk). As a further benefit, it simplifies trailer chassis cross-bracing.

The suspension eliminates the normal rear pedestal, and the airspring-trailing arm is cranked inboard, avoiding the need to notch the chassis to fit the air spring. It allows a wide range of chassis rail widths to be accommodated. The narrow trailing arm with a width of 75 mm (3") ensures good roll stiffness and minimum weight.

The new suspension is the first of a new family of suspensions and has been designed from the outset for the new generation of Meritor air disc brakes. It has a trackable design and is easily adapted to lifting-axle configuration with a bolt-on lift system. ArvinMeritor Inc, 2135 West Maple Road, Troy MI 48084.

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